Playing With Hire

  • 4. Inclusion :: Are you in or out?

    In this final episode of this first series, we ask the question - Inclusion: Are you In or Out?We can all be an ally. Be open to conversations that support others. Even if it is to just listen, show compassion and understanding. We cannot see the world through other people’s eyes, we haven’t lived the same life as them, but we can be open to learning from other experiences – this in turn creates more understanding of our differences. We discuss that some of these complex conversations we have as HR professionals, leaders within a business, is new ground for many of us. We cannot expect to be specialists and experts in everything! We can all challenge discrimination, by doing so we can influence inclusive cultures and ways of working. Many of us don’t use our voices enough, however, when we do the vibrations and ripple effect it creates can make a huge difference. Alice and Nick discuss the risks, costs, and implications of not getting to the root cause of discrimination. They discuss the tangible costs associated with employment tribunals, of which many businesses simply cannot afford to absorb into the PNL. They pose the question, that instead of fighting employee relations at the coalface, why are more companies not investing in changing practices, creating cultures which are open and respectful, breaking down the barriers to inclusivity and embracing a diverse workforce?We have the capacity to learn from others, so maybe instead of shying away from these conversations, we should all lean into them a bit more. 
  • 3. Life Events - managing your people when “stuff” happens

    "Stuff happens", as HR expert Alice Bromwich says in this latest instalment of "Playing With Hire". But how should businesses manage their staff through life events, throughout the entirety of their employee life cycle. Alice asks one simple question - should businesses put people before profit? She explores the importance of managing your staff through their life events if you want to retain staff and have a settled and fulfilled workforce.
  • 2. Domestic Abuse – Everyone's Business

    Domestic Abuse IS a workplace issue and failing to address it can have catastrophic effects for businesses and employees alike. In this second episode of "Playing With Hire", HR expert Alice Bromwich bravely opens up about her own lived experience of domestic abuse. She talks about the impact it had on her life and on her career and how it shaped her journey.She draws on all her experience to demonstrate why domestic abuse is an issue which should be at the forefront of all employers' minds. If you are wondering why this matters to you and your business, listen right through to the end of the episode where Alice articulates how serious the consequences could be if you ignore this in your workplace. It could be a matter of life and death.
  • 1. Risky Business - Why you need HR

    HR done well can make a business. HR done badly can actually destroy it. In this first episode, HR expert Alice Bromwich guides us through the true cost of employing people well and looks at the risks involved in employing people badly. Somewhere between an HR "how to" and a reflection on her years of experience, this episode is a perfect introduction to the more complex issues tackled later on in the series.