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Planet Pod goes outside to talk Rewilding with Tony Whitbread (SWT) and Simon Boyle (Argyll Environmental)

Ep. 17
Planet Pod talks bats, bison and beavers in Sussex - a rewilding discussion with Sussex Wildlife Trust recorded on location at Ebernoe Common.   Join the team as they dodge the late summer rain and walk and talk about re-wilding. What it is - bottom up or top down, the case for wolves and beavers in the UK and tips on what you can do in your plot.   Dr Tony Whitbread (SWT) and Simon Boyle (Argyll Environmental) took shelter with Amanda and Jim in the porch of a country churchyard to chat about how re-wilding really works, what it means and its many benefits.  Then, when the rain stopped, they took a leisurely stroll round the 80 hectares of Ebernoe Common.

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