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UN Sustainable Development Goals explained by Emily Auckland from UKSSD

Ep. 37

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs - also known as the Global Goals) are a great framework for anyone looking to make a positive contribution across all aspects of sustainability.  In this Planet Pod Short, Emily Auckland - Network Director & Co-chair at UKSSD (UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development) - explains what the SDGs are and how they can apply to any individual or organisation.  Emily highlights the way the Global Goals are each interconnected and aren't just aimed at tackling sustainability issues in developing countries (such as No Poverty (SDG 1), Zero Hunger (SDG 2) and Good Health & wellbeing (SDG 3)) - these are also real issues needing action in developed countries such as the UK.  As a common framework, the Global Goals provide a great opportunity for engagement and collaboration between individuals, business, community groups and a host of other stakeholders.

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