Planet Water!

Through years of research and working at the cutting edge of water purification for homes, businesses and public distribution for people on the go, Blue Water has learned that water as pure as nature intended cannot be taken for granted anywhere on our planet. This podcast explores the magic of water and its importance to all life around the world.

All of us have a right to clean water, yet today pure water has become a commodity because it's in ever shorter supply, increasingly polluted and poisoned with pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, oil, industrial chemicals and single use plastics. We aim to report on the efforts by individuals, organisations and purpose driven companies to tackle the pollution and water scarcity that endangers our very existence. Listen to conversations with industry experts as well as leading change makers from the science, sports and local community worlds and discover the latest innovations, insights and trends making an impact on our water world.

Welcome to Planet Water; a podcast by Blue Water exploring the cutting edge of how water impacts every stage of how we live our lives from our physical and mental health to overall well-being.