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Puerto Rico & Portugal: Purpose, differentiation, and collaboration

Season 1, Ep. 14

What can destinations do to encourage a more purposeful experience? In this episode of Place2Place, Discover Puerto Rico's Brad Dean returns to speak with Luís Araújo, President of Turismo de Portugal, to discover how Luís believes that destinations should come together to promote a more meaningful, sustainable traveller mindset rather than competing individually for visitation.

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  • 17. Lithuania & Slovenia: Creating a brand platform that engages stakeholders

    Marius Gurskas, Director of Communications for the Government Chancellery of Lithuania, returns on this episode of Place2Place to speak with Karmen Novarlic, Head of Department – Business Communication at Slovenian Tourist Board. Listen in to discover how the Slovenian Tourist Board has worked to strengthen the country’s emotional appeal, how clear values allow the team to adapt quickly to change, and innovative new ways they’re using technology to reach their audiences.
  • 16. Scotland & Lithuania: It takes two to tango, but three to nation brand

    How can nations engage their citizens in creating and promoting a place brand strategy for their country? Listen in as Claire Prentice, Head of Brand Scotland & Net Zero Marketing, talks with Marius Gurskas, Director of Communications for the Government Chancellery of Lithuania, about the launch of their strategy, the nation’s data-led initiatives to reputation monitoring, and how they’re strengthening their values through positive actions. 
  • 15. Portugal & Scotland: How place brands can put global citizenship front and centre

    Luis Araujo, President of Tursimo de Portugal, joins us once more on Place2Place – this time to connect with Claire Prentice, Head of Brand Scotland and Net Zero Marketing. From sustainability to the ways a smaller country can make a big impact, listen in to this conversation to discover how Scotland are developing a collaborative narrative to tell Scotland’s story to the world.
  • 13. Helsinki & Puerto Rico: Hoping for the best and preparing for the worst

    Clarisse Berggårdh, CEO of Helsinki Partners, invites Brad Dean, Discover Puerto Rico's CEO, to join the next episode of Place2Place to talk about what drives place branders to enter the industry and the ins and outs of creating a crisis management play book. Listen in as Brad and Clarisse discuss how forward planning can give place brand and marketing organisations an invaluable edge should crisis strike.
  • 12. London & Helsinki: Creating a unified city brand narrative for different audiences

    London & Partners’ Rose Wangen-Jones returns in this episode of Place2Place to understand the journey behind the merger that created Helsinki Partners, bringing the Helsinki Business Hub and Helsinki Marketing under one roof. Listen in as Rose speaks with CEO Clarisse Berggårdh about the vision driving the city’s strategy, how they’re overcoming the barriers to their success, and what it’s been like uniting two work cultures whilst working remotely.
  • 11. Sydney & London: Co-opetition - the art of co-operatively competing

    How are two world-class cities re-thinking their purpose and delivering against their values? BE Sydney's Lyn Lewis-Smith gets the inside scoop from Rose Wangen-Jones, Managing Director, Marketing, Destination & Commercial at London & Partners, on everything from the strategic thinking underpinning their latest activities to their innovative marketing collaboration with Paris.
  • 10. Toronto & Sydney: Unlocking the future of business events

    Destination Toronto's Scott Beck catches up with Lyn Lewis-Smith, CEO of BESydney, to discover how a focus on legacy is driving the city's business event strategy. Listen in as these two industry experts explore the biggest challenges facing the global business events industry and how cities can respond to the 'new normal' with a focus on long-tail impact.
  • 9. Los Angeles & Toronto: Inclusivity, community, and the evolving purpose of place marketing organisations

    Adam Burke, President & CEO of Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Bureau, joins Tourism Toronto's President & CEO, Scott Beck, for an honest conversation about how places can step up their strategies to become a truly diverse, inclusive organisation. Discover how the two cities are evolving their focus and purpose to better support their entire community on this episode of Place2Place.