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Dr. Laura Jana's Guide to QI Skills: Building Proactive Resilience

Join our host, Patrick Beggs, in conversation with Dr. Laura Jana on future ready skill sets. Dr Jana a pioneering paediatrician and child development expert dives deep into the transformative power of QI skills, which Dr. Jana champions as essential tools for thriving in our unpredictable global landscape. With her divers background and insightful research, Dr. Jana unpacks how QI skills are pivotal in preparing individuals—not just children—for the challenges and opportunities of a future intertwined with artificial intelligence and ongoing global changes. Through vivid stories and real-world examples, she showcases the significant impact of these skills in fostering a culture of proactive resilience, collaborative problem-solving, and forward-thinking. Dr. Jana passionately argues for a shift in educational and personal development practices to embrace these key skills, ensuring listeners leave with a renewed perspective on resilience, ready to tackle the future with confidence and creativity.

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  • Embracing the Edge: Andy Pearson on doing the scary stuff and why it matters.

    In this episode of "Picking Up Rocks," Andy Pearson, VP of Creative at Liquid Death, shares his insights on the power of facing fears and pushing personal limits. We track how engaging with 'scary stuff'—from his roles in ultramarathon running to innovative marketing strategies—has fueled growth and learning in his life across many aspects of it. Andy delves into his experience with the grueling Barkley Marathons, highlighting the intense challenges and psychological resilience required, while also sharing some keen insight into how the race was started and also finished for the first time by an outsider, free from pre conceived notions of whats possible. He connects these experiences to his professional work, where he employs fear-facing as a strategy to invigorate the branding and marketing of Liquid Death, helping turn a mundane category, bottled water, into an entertaining ever evolving show. Andy articulates how stepping into discomfort can lead to profound personal and professional breakthroughs, making a case for embracing fear as a pathway to discovery and innovation.Andy Pearson has spent the last 15 years as both an advertising creative director and ultramarathoner in the US. For the last two and half years, he's lead all creative and marketing at Liquid Death as the VP of Creative, helping the brand become one of the fastest growing non-alcoholic beverages brands of all time. In his (very limited) free time, he's also the host of his own comedy running podcast called Between Two Pines.
  • Shining a Light: Innovating for Children's Health with Louise Baxter

    In this episode, join Starlight CEO Louise Baxter to discuss the importance of innovation and storytelling in their organisation's mission. She shares insights into their innovative approach to improving children's hospital experiences, highlighting the power of accepting failure and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Louise and the Starlight team are pioneers in understanding that mental and physical health are intrinsically tied to one another. In this conversation, we learn how Starlight's creative solutions positively impact the lives of children and families facing health challenges.Louise Baker is the CEO and Executive Director of The Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia, leading the organisation's purpose, vision, and strategic growth. Louise believes that the leadership of Starlight is both a responsibility and a privilege.
  • Future of Learning with Garry A. Bolles

    In this episode join Gary A. Bolles for an conversation on the future of learning. We delve into how organisations are shaping the knowledge landscape, the evolution of learning from traditional methods to digital platforms, and the significant role of technology in education. Bolles offers deep insights into the changing nature of skills, the impact of artificial intelligence on learning, and the crucial roles businesses and employers play in fostering continuous learning and skill development. It's a thought-provoking look at education's transformation and the opportunities it presents for organisations and individuals alike.Gary A. Bolles is based in San Francisco, California and is the Chair for the Future of Work with Singularity University and a partner in strategy consulting firm Charette, LLC. Formerly a co-founder of SoCap,, the premier US-based event for impact entrepreneurs and funders, and served as the catalyzer for Kanect, a data-focused impact initiative in collaboration with the U.S. Department of State. He is a A globally recognised expert on the Future of learning and the future of work, he consults with C-suite leaders of global companies, labor and education leaders from Brazil to Canada, and global non-profits. 
  • Resilient Futures: Interdisciplinary Paths to Community Empowerment

    Join us for an inspiring session with Professor Briony Rogers, CEO of Fire to Flourish at Monash Sustainable Development Institute. Today, we delve into the critical role of interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing in empowering communities to co-design resilient futures amidst disasters.Professor Rogers brings to light the significance of integrating diverse fields of expertise to tackle the complexities of climate change and disaster recovery. She discusses how combining knowledge from various disciplines leads to more innovative, inclusive, and effective solutions for community resilience.This episode highlights the power of knowledge sharing and the incorporation of multiple perspectives in developing sustainable strategies. We explore the journey of communities that have successfully harnessed interdisciplinary approaches to rebuild and reimagine their futures, turning adversity into an opportunity for growth and sustainable development.Reference list:Dignity: Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict; Donna Hicks; 2010
  • Re-defining The Narrative with Andreas Tzortzis

    In this episode of Picking up Rocks Podcast, we have Andreas Tzortzis. Andreas, a former journalist and brand storyteller at Red Bull, who later shaped the customer experience at Apple Store. Now, he's embarked on a new journey in Amsterdam, founding his consultancy Hella, focusing on voice and narrative strategies for brands. His unique approach to redefining his path, grounded in his rich career history and personal life, offers valuable insights into living by doing and leading by example. Join us as Andreas shares his compelling story of transformation, illustrating the power of narrative in both personal and professional realms and our ability to own it and more importantly redefine it and our place within.
  • Future of content with Fred Grinstein

    In this episode, we are joined by a very special guest, Fred Grinstein, who is here to discuss the pivotal moment content is currently experiencing. With a 14-year tenure in Film/TV development executive roles, Fred has navigated the Hollywood dream, working with industry giants such as Anonymous Content, Vice Media, and A&E Network, to name a few.His expertise lies in unscripted content, navigating the intersections of culture and society, and ushering them into the mainstream through the screen.We are incredibly excited to share this conversation with you. Fred's insight, courage, and candor in the face of uncertainty are invaluable, especially considering the current global climate.
  • Decoding the Digital Maze: Empowering Grassroots Voices with Chris Cooper

    In this episode Patrick and Chris Cooper dive deep. Join them as they tackle the challenges of disinformation in the digital era and delve into the tools that empower organisations to decipher and traverse the intricate maze of online narratives. Discover the strategies employed behind the curtains to battle misinformation and gather insights on how grassroots organisations can amplify their voice in a crowded digital space. The conversation is an attempt to shed some light on the critical need for a more wholesome information ecosystem in today's world and allow grassroots, community-driven orgs a fair shake of the attention sauce battle.Chris is a Freelance Advocacy strategy, disinformation + climate change expert working across Asia-Pacific. The former Senior Campaign director + Head Of Office, APAC for Purpos (A Civic and Social Organisations, who builds and supports movements to advance the fight for an open, just, and habitable world)Chris just left his post as Executive Director at Reset Australia, and is now a non Executive director.
  • Discovering Resilience: Simon Goodrich's Journey with Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome

    In this episode of the Picking Up Rocks Podcast, we explore Simon Goodrich's inspiring story and the mindset that shapes his life. He opens up about his experiences with Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome (VHL) – a hereditary condition characterized by tumors emerging in multiple organs. To date, he has undergone seven major surgeries, including four brain surgeries to remove brain tumors. Join us as we delve into Simon's extraordinary journey and uncover the resilience behind his success as trailblazer in the purpose-led design industry in Australia, Simon continually pushes the limits of possibility. Simons Bio:Simon Goodrich is a co-founder of Portable, a purpose-driven digital design agency with a mission to address social need and policy failure using human-centred design and technology. It delivers technology-based and design-thinking informed solutions and innovation in the form of useful, accessible products and services which place the user experience at their centre. Since 2006, Portable has delivered over 800 digital and design projects in the impact areas of justice, mental health and government transformation.Simon is a Senior Honorary Fellow at Melbourne Law School and Melbourne School of Government at The University of Melbourne. He is the Australian Ambassador for the New York-based International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, dubbed the Oscars for Online. Simon is a fellow of the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre at Victoria University, a leading justice innovation body and is a past National President of AIMIA, at the time the peak digital body in Australia.