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Ed Shuttleworth's mission to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Cambodia

Season 2, Ep. 2

Ed Shuttleworth spent the first 16 years of his life in India before moving to the UK to complete his schooling and establish his career as an accountant. After marrying his Australian wife Kate and settling into life in Australia, the couple were travelling through South East Asia with their children with a desire to show them what life was like for him when he grew up. While visiting Cambodia, Kate and Ed couldn't help but compare the stark differences of their children's education in Australia to what they were witnessing, and they just couldn't walk away.

Ed and Kate started SeeBeyondBorders in 2008 with the core mission of improving the quality of learning in Cambodia. The organisation focuses on systemic and sustainable change for the education system, taking into account Cambodia's troubled past. To date, SeeBeyondBorders has worked with over 500 teachers who in turn deliver improved education to 27,000 children.

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Ensuring women are not just surviving but thriving through their childbirth journey in Uganda

Season 5, Ep. 1
Twenty years ago Rachel Zaslow practiced midwifery during the Civil War in Uganda. She witnessed the explicit need for more midwives, more resources and better training. On the other hand, traditional midwives and their practices were not being adequately used despite their personal connections to local women. Inspired by her mantra ‘if I wouldn't feel comfortable giving birth with this level of care than I shouldn't expect anyone else to’ she set forth in her mission to improve midwifery in Uganda - in partnership with and primarily learning from the women and traditional midwives around her.  Since then, Rachel founded and is now the Executive Director of Mother Health International (MHI), an organization aimed at building and sustaining birth centers and training midwives in areas with the highest burden of perinatal mortality. Her area of expertise is in developing midwifery models of care that blend clinical excellence with culturally specific practice for improving health outcomes in the majority world. This model has proven so successful it is now being taught in Universities in conjunction with Yale School of Midwifery and Makerere University. Join our host Anubha Rawat as she learns about Rachel’s extraordinary journey: including the need for woman-centered care, passion for maternal health and how she balances this work with being a mother to her own ‘global citizen’ daughter Amaya. To learn more about Mother Health International (MHI) follow the link: