'People Not War'


'People Not War' - Ep 4: Sarona Bedwan on Palestine-Israel, Palestinian futurisms, and Makan

Season 1, Ep. 4

'People Not War’ is a podcast brought to you by Campaign Against Arms Trade. 

Hosted by writer, producer and campaigner Siana Bangura, in each episode we catch up with campaigners, activists, community organisers, and all-round inspirational people working to end the international arms trade and other intersecting issues.

** Episode Content Warning: **

TW: Details of state violence

TW: Pregnancy and miscarriage/ child-loss (from 31.34 - 31.55)

In this episode Siana is in conversation with Writer, Artist, and Outreach Officer at Makan, Sarona Bedwan.



Producer & Host - Siana Bangura

Technical Producer & Sound Designer - Justine Luaba

Artwork by Letty Wilson

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