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  • Pear Talks Prun: The Finaliest Final Episode

    Hey CEO's! Join us as we share our thoughts, opinions, and feelings about this awesome game we have come to play, and enjoy. :)Also just a quick disclaimer: All the thoughts and opinions shared are simply for review purposes and are the property of those individuals that share them, and these thoughts and opinions aren't reflective of what each person on the podcast believes.

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  • Pear Talks Prun Ep 15: Listen to Pear change his mind about Leaderboards

    On this month's episode, listen to a fruit discover the wonderful power of the leaderboards, and find out what they are actually for. But to start, we talk about the T1 markets and whats going on with them, bring up the subject of ship building and where we are with that... And then end the podcast chatting about how single player this MMORPG really is.
  • Pear Talks Prun Ep 14: What We Would Tell Newcomers About Prun

    On this month's episode. I sit down with some of my friends to discuss the new player experience, and we do a round table about some of the things we wish... or didn't wish! We did as new players.
  • Pear Talks Prun Ep 13 (Feat. Prun's Marketing Manager): A BTS Look Into the Game and Simulogics

    On this very, very special episode. Nick who works for Simulogics as their marketing manager, joins us on a behind-the-scenes look into Simulogics, the game, and where the future of the game might be going!Join the discussion at: a listen at the Esoteric Gaming Podcast:
  • Pear Talks Prun Ep 12 (Feat. Mittens): Market Makers, EDC's, and Challenging Player Boredom

    On this month's episode, Mittens joins the crew as we talk about the origins and purposes of market makers, and the pros/cons behind EDC's. We end the podcast talking about the future of the game, and how the devs can tackle some of the player boredom that might creep into the game overtime. Join the discussion on the Pear Talks Prun discord!:, if you want more of the crew, come over to the Esoteric Gaming Podcast, where we talk everything gaming, and our thoughts and opinions about the gaming industry and news as a whole:
  • Pear Talks Price is Right Ep 11: Corporate Comms, Speedrunning, Being Sick, and... the Endgame!

    Howdy CEO's and welcome back to another installment in Pear Talks Price is Right. The show where we talk everything price is right. From our favourite hosts, to our favourite games. Today's episode, Pear takes us through corporate comms, and what's been going on at Nascent Merchantile. Then Dez takes us through his thoughts on speedrunning Prun, and what that looks like for newcomers, and oldcomers alike. Then We get into a discussion with Lex about being sick and away from the game for an extended period of time, and followed up by a hearty, and healthy discussion about the endgame.Join us at the discord: us at our new home, the Esoteric Gaming Podcast: Due to thanksgiving, we took a week-long break from recording, so there was no new content for the week starting the 21st.Also, this will be the last weekly instalment of the Pear talks Prun podcast, and this podcast has now been moved to a new monthly format.