Pause Beyond the Court

  • 6. Re-Framing Failure

    Is failure the secret ingredient to greatness? Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring episode as we delve into the extraordinary journey of basketball legend, Allison "Cookie" Tranquilli. From two-time Olympian to devoted coach, we uncover the depths of her passion, exploring how she transformed setbacks into stepping stones towards triumph.With host Jo White, soak up the game-changing wisdom she imparts to younger generations of players, empowering them to embrace failure and soar to new heights, and see the profound impact sports have on shaping lives both on and off the court.Plus get grounded with 'one white minute' of guided mindfulness.
  • 5. Courtside Parental Etiquette

    Are you a well-behaved parent on the sideline? Where’s the line between courtside support and interference? Let’s unlock the secrets of courtside parental etiquette. Join host Jo White with expert insights from Cassy Dittman, Senior Lecturer of Psychology at CQ University and special guest Heidi Sprague, a talented teenage player and referee. Specialising in the Triple P Positive Parenting Program, Cassy brings evidenced based strategies and tools to the table as we uncover the keys to fostering a positive and empowering sports environment for our young athletes.Plus get grounded with 'one white minute' of guided mindfulness.
  • 4. Size, Support, and Success

    Remember your first bra? Or that first awkward bra fitting? And what about the secret special joy of a perfectly fitting sports bra?Maxine Windram, CEO of Brava Lingerie joins host, Jo White to unpack the intricacies of finding the perfect fit, the profound impact a well-fitted sports bra can have on girls' physical and mental well-being, and the importance of creating positive early experiences and a supportive environment that fosters body positivity, enabling girls to feel at ease in both the world of sports and within their own skin. Get her Sports Bra Fitting Guide here. Plus get grounded with 'one white minute' of guided mindfulness.
  • 3. Periods impacting play

    Periods are a fact of life, and they affect every young athlete a bit differently. For some players, it’s a game-changer, and for others, it’s no big deal. What happens every month? And how does it affect how young women play and recover? We wanted to find out.  Host Jo White speaks with physician and Endocrinologist Dr Izzy Smith, to give us the low-down on what happens, how it happens, and how young players can work with their bodies to play, recover, train and excel in line with their own bodily rhythm.  Plus get grounded with 'one white minute' of guided mindfulness.
  • 2. Beyond Winning

    What is it about sports that kids truly enjoy? Hint: It's rarely to do with winning trophies. For most kids, it's about having a pressure-free blast with their mates.But unfortunately, as they grow older, the fun and flexibility often fade within club-based structures, and so does participation.Host Jo White is joined by the remarkable Professor Rochelle Eime, Deputy Chair of Vicsport to unpack the game-changing insights and strategies of her ground-breaking research, "Sport4Me. This people-focused approach emphasizes fun, inclusivity, and flexibility, nurturing the enthusiasm of players and keeping them in games they love. Plus get grounded with 'one white minute' of guided mindfulness.This episode has only has one expletive!
  • 1. Mental health & Sport

    Mental health is not a simple matter, and it directly impacts both the wellbeing and safety of young women, when they’re playing sport. What role does physical activity, teamwork and community play in mental health? And how do we best understand and support young female players? Join host Jo White, as she speaks with Professor Alex Parker and Dr Mary Woessner, both at Victoria University, about their recent research into the wellbeing and safety of young women in sport. Plus get grounded with 'one white minute' of guided mindfulness.