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Patriots Dynasty Podcast

2004 AFC Divisional: Patriots vs Colts

Season 2004, Ep. 19

The brothers are back talking about old football games, and this one is a good one. The white hot Colts look to avenge their past losses in Foxborough, Massachusetts on the back of their record setting QB and offense. Will Indianapolis finally be able to solve the Belichick defense, or will New England fans get to revel in Peyton Manning's misery by chanting "cut that meat" at him in yet another post season loss?

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  • 10. 2005 Week 10: Patriots at Dolphins

    What's the cure for a disappointing 2023 Patriots season? Going back to the past? The boys are back together to rewatch the week 10 matchup in Miami, as the Patriots take on an eclectic Dolphins team led by the College Belichick himself: Nick Saban.
  • Bonus Episode: The Case of Bill Bellichick

    There's been a lot of debate in the media and in fan circles these days around the legacy of Bill Belichick. Our resident Belichick Fan Club President Andy takes on Renowned Belichick Hater Greg in a court case for the ages.
  • 9. 2005 Week 9: Patriots vs Colts

    We often say that we "watch every game so you don't have to." Never is that more true than this week, where the toothless Patriots defense succumbed to the red-hot undefeated Colts offense. Yes we watched this. No, you don't have to.
  • 8. 2005 Week 8: Patriots vs Bills

    With no brothers or interns to help him, Andy reaches out to the only Bills fan he knows that would come on a Patriots podcast: a fellow football history nerd and Bills season ticket holder known only by his Twitter handle @BillsVhs. Get a unique, in-depth perspective of what life is like as a Bills fan from someone who lives in Buffalo.
  • 7. 2005 Week 7: Bye Week

    What do great shows do when they run out of ideas? Clip show! Andy built a playable transcript search ( because of course he did. And what better way to take it for a test drive than to use it to find the dumbest things the brothers have said over the past 94 episodes?
  • 6. 2005 Week 6: Patriots at Broncos

    The whole gang is here (eventually) to re-live... the Patriots losing to the Broncos, as usual. When we say we watch these games so you don't have to, we mean it. At least Andy does, as he seems to be the only one watching these games anymore.
  • 5. 2005 Week 5: Patriots at Falcons

    Steve is back from Mexico just in time to join Andy and Tim for the Patriots visit to Hotlanta. No Michael Vick in this one (injury-related, not dog-related), but how would the depleted Pats secondary hold up against bargain-bin Matt Ryan?
  • 4. 2005 Week 4: Patriots vs Chargers

    A rare episode featuring only Andy and Greg goes over a forgettable 2005 drubbing by the LaDainian Tomlinson-led Chargers. The 41 points allowed in this game are the 2nd-most points given up by the Patriots at home under Bill Belichick. Can you name the only game where they've allowed more points at home?
  • 3. 2005 Week 3: Patriots at Steelers

    Andy and Tim the Intern revisit the day the 2005 Super Bowl hopes were dashed - even in a victory over the mighty Steelers in Pittsburgh. Listen as the boys mourn the loss of Rodney Harrison, while celebrating beating Heinz Ward, Ben Roethlisberger and the rest of the terrible towels.