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Thinking Short-Term and Long-Term About Your Business

Recent years have been very challenging for business leaders and strategists around the world to think about and strategise for their businesses as a succession of events including political upheavals, trade wars, pandemics, natural disasters, shooting wars and inflation spikes have unfolded one after the other without respite or any apparent return to so called normality.

In effect there that there is no normal anymore and the idea of getting back to normal just doesn’t seem to make sense any longer.

Nonetheless as business owners and managers we still need to think about the future, both short term and long term, and we need to take strategic decisions for our companies to ensure that they can continue to develop and grow, as well as adapt to the unfolding future circumstances whatever these turn out to be.

How can we do this most effectively given the volatility and unpredictability of events and how are others coping with this reality?

To explore this question in this episode of Interlinks, I am delighted to be joined by three of my colleagues from the Supply Chain Special Interest Group of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting:

  • Elizabeth Warren, President and CEO of Dialed-In Partners, based in Sn Pedro in the Greater Los Angeles area in California;
  • David Ogilvie, founder and principal of David Ogilvie Associates in Brisbane Australia;
  • Diane Garcia, president of Lorraine Consulting based in Phoenix Arizona.

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