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Creating Sales Seals Special Forces

In this episode of Interlinks we talk to Alexander Nowroth, partner at the Dusseldorf based Management Consulting company Lebenswerk Consulting Group.

Alex has joined twice before on the show to talk about his consultancy business and also to speak about one of his areas of expertise, Ocean Freight, during the acute crisis this time last year in that area.

For this episode, I have asked Alex to come back and talk to us about his core area of expertise which is Sales and his proprietary Seals Sales Program.

In good times and bad, all organisations whether they provide products, services or both to their customers, are always looking to increase their sales performance because, of course, without sales, there can be no business.

In this conversation, Alex explains how he works with sales organizations to help them save 30% to 40% on overheads while at the same time increasing their sales revenue. 

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