Patented: History of Inventions


The Invention of Sex Toys

Season 1, Ep. 29

_CW: This episode is a bit saucier than normal with explicit sexual references and some swearing. If that isn’t your cup of tea or are listening with kids, please check out one of our past episodes instead_. 

It is fair to say, Sex Toys aren’t the taboo they once were. The stats show they are incredibly popular — over 52% of women in the US have used vibrator, and many men - 1 in 3 - use them too. And we are more comfortable than ever talking about them. 

But where did it all start and how long have they been around? 

So today on the show, sex historian Kate Lister joins us to chart their — from ancient myths, to victorian quackery through to the decline of euphemistic marketing and societies embrace of the sex toy. 

Listen to more from Kate on the History Hit podcast _Betwixt The Sheets_.  

This episode was produced by Emily Whalley

The senior producer is Charlotte Long

Edited and mixed by Stuart Beckwith

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