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  • 11. Luther's Ninety-Five Theses

    This week you will get to head me read the entirety of Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses. I though it would be good to share the ideas that motivated a great deal of what the Wars of Religion in France encompass. On a more personal note, I have taken a break from recording for the last few weeks due to the death of my father. I do discuss that at the start of this episode. I will be in the US for a few weeks, during this time I won't be able to record, but I will continue reading and writing. Thank you in advance for you understanding of this break. This whole thing has been a shock and I am struggling, but I have plenty of help and I will recover.

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  • 10. French Wars of Religion

    Welcome back for the first episode about the French Wars of Religion. This starts with a quick history of Christianity, I'm just hitting the main points. Then I will get to the start of the Protestant Reformation, I'll discuss a bit about Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Huldrych Zwingli. Next week I'll start looking a the actual wars.
  • 9. Parlement

    Welcome to this fortnight's This Too Shall Passed, where I cover Parlements of France. While it may look like I'm spelling things wrong, which is entirely possible, this is one of the branches of government in France, at least at the time. So, when you hear me pronouncing this wrong in earlier episodes you now have some idea how it should sound (maybe).
  • 9. Antoine de Bourbon

    Welcome back, thank you for understanding while I took a break. This week we'll be looking at Antoine de Bourbon, jure uxoris king of Navarre. Antoine's son, Henri III of Navarre and IV of France was, well, an amazing king. How will this father stack up? Well, let's be grateful that Henri's mother was the amazing Jeanne of Navarre, the daughter of Marguerite of Angouleme/Alencon/Navarre. I hope you will join me for this week's episode!
  • 8. Charles Count of Angouleme

    Welcome to another Charles' episode. This Charles was the father of Francis I, and more importantly Marguerite of Navarre. While this Charles didn't live a life of excitement he did collect a lot of books and marry an amazing woman. I always use this episode to discuss that amazing woman he married, Louise of Savoy and his son, Francis I.
  • 7. Charles of Orleans, Part Six

    Welcome to the conclusion of Charles of Orleans' story. This week we will say goodbye to the poet and peacemaker of Valois France, but first, we'll meet his son, who will rule. Please join me for this episode.
  • 8. Appanage

    Welcome to This Too Shall Passed, my fortnightly mini-episode that help cover some topics that can't make it into the main episodes. This week I'll be discussing appanages, land or funding usually given to younger sons.