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Fundamentals of the Talmud -48 -Entranceway into the Jewish Mind-The "Michdi" moment-reflection

Season 1, Ep. 48

Lirefuah Sheleimah of

HaTinok-Gavriel Ben Chayah Sorah

As a public service the Yeshiva of Newark presents Talmud classes for beginners or for those who have been ill-served by their schooling in the past,or in some way jaundiced towards what still remains the definitive Jewish text of scholarship and more.

Rabbi Avraham Kivelevitz,a teacher with over forty years of experience teaching Talmud to students of all levels,presents in a clear manner

the flow of the Talmud's discussion,and what are the goals the text wants the reader to achieve.

The Rabbi brings his immense erudition to the fore,in indicating who's who on the page,granting the mature reader a historical perspective of the Halachic process.

It isn't child's play- and it might make you fall in love with Gemara learning

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