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Parks And Wrecked - 18

Ep. 18

Chris and Yany travelled up to Buffalo last week and on the trip recorded a special crossover episode with Bagged And Bored John and Paul. We get the whole gang together to discuss their Walt Disney World and Universal Studios "Must Do's", the attractions, shows, treats and eats from all of the theme parks.

This is just an abridged episode and if you want to hear the full experience including a look at comics and craft beer make sure to check out Bagged And Bored #521.

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  • 28. Parks And Wrecked - 28

    Halloween Horror Nights is back baybeee! We spend a lot of time waiting in lines for the houses but we also spend a lot of time eating and drinking our way around the festival as well!We've eaten almost everything at this years Halloween Horror Nights and we're ready to let you know our Best, our Rest, and our Messeds of the Fests.What do you think of this years food offerings? Was there anything you loved? Let us know directly on any of our social media posts for this episode or email us at!
  • 27. Parks And Wrecked - 27

    We attended this year's Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. We experienced the eats, the treats, the rides, the shows and more! Listen in and hear all about this spooky after hours event at Disney's Magic Kingdom! But don't worry, its not so very scary...
  • 26. Parks And Wrecked - 26

    Spooky season has hit and we've spent hours in the fog experiencing everything! So now we get to share our love of all things Halloween Horror Nights and this week we're starting with the Scarezones!Five themed scare areas guide you through Universal Studios and we break them down and let you know the best one to spend your time in.What's your favorite? Let us know at or on any of our social media!
  • 25. Parks And Wrecked - 25

    Chris and Yany are back with a review of the brand new Illumination's Villain-Con Minion Blast attraction at Universal Studios Orlando after getting to experience it for the first time! There's also a mulligan review of Minion's Cafe after revisting the eatery during this visit to the park.Have you had a chance to check out Minion Blast or Minion Cafe yet? Let us know at or on any of the social media posts for this episode!
  • 24. Parks And Wrecked - 24

    Universal dropped a HUGE update for this years Halloween Horror Nights 32, including all the remaining houses (IP and Original) as well as the Scare Zones and other experiences!Chris and Yany walk you through this years offerings before building their most anticipated lists so check it out and let us know what you're most excited for at or on any of our social posts for the episode!
  • 23. Parks And Wrecked - 23

    We say "Bello" to the newly opened Minion's Cafe in the freshly opened Minion's Land at Universal Studios Orlando resort?We break down the Cafe based on Drinks, Food, Atmosphere, Theme and Value in our ongoing dining reviews around the theme parks! Have you had a chance to check out the GRU'b here yet? That pun doesn't work outside of text, but let us know on any of our social media posts or directly at!
  • 22. Parks And Wrecked - 22

    It's been a whirlwind week where we got to experience the new limited time experience at Disney's Hollywood Studios: The Den Of Destiny! Is this themed walk up bar to celebrate the release of Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny worth the trip across a map? Or has Disney chosen... poorly? More like POURLY amirite?! Nobody will see this cleverness.Does this sound like your kinda place? Let us know on any of our socials or by emailing us at!
  • 21. Parks And Wrecked - 21

    Welcome back! Chris sits down with Paul from over at the Bagged And Bored Cast to talk about Paul's recent trip to the Lighthouse Immersive Disney Animation exhibit in Toronto, ON.
  • 20. Parks And Wrecked - 20

    We went to the Epcot International Flower And Garden Festival for 2023 back in March and now you get to hear about it! Chris and Yany break down everything to see, do and what to eat with the Best, the Rest and the Messed of the Fest!