Paranormal Perception


1.2 - Jay & Marie Yates

Season 1, Ep. 2

Henry San Miguel talks to Jay & Marie Yates. The Yates area husband/wife team of ghost hunters, investigators, and haunted survivors. Instead of running away and hiding from their haunted experiences, they strive to understand and to help others plagued by paranormal attacks to understand and deal with them. They have been featured on several major networks, including The Travel Channel, SYFY, Destination America, ABC, NBC, and others. You may have seen them on Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Witness, My Ghost Adventures, and currently on Haunted Case Files. Jay & Marie joined us at the Biltmore Pararetreat for a very fun and informative discussion on their experiences, what to do if you're a victim of a haunted attack, and more. They're great guests and you can be sure that you'll be hearing them on Paranormal Perception in future episodes. For now, enjoy their first appearance with Henry on Paranormal Perception.

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*** Recorded on location at the Tahoe Biltmore Hotel & Casino on Saturday September 8, 2018.***