Paradigm Shift of Healthcare

It’s time to think differently about healthcare, but how do we keep up? Each week, the trio of Michael Roberts, Scott Zeitzer, and Jared Johnson bring you the people and ideas that are changing the way we address our health. If you’re looking for amazing stories from providers and thought leaders who are changing patient care, this is the podcast for you.

Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts is the Marketing Director for Mudbug Media, a web development company with a quirky name from New Orleans that’s responsible for the P3 Inbound marketing platform for orthopedic, spine, and neuro practices. He is also the co-host of the Shifting Paradigm of Healthcare podcast, an interview show that discusses how healthcare’s changes impact stakeholders in health systems, insurance companies, technology companies, and the patient population.

Scott Zeitzer

For more than 20 years, Scott has helped orthopedic, spine, and neuro practices attract new patients and grow their practices with online marketing services. He has also helped medical device companies market themselves both in a direct-to-patient capacity and to hospitals and physicians. He holds a masters in biomedical engineering from Tulane University, and he sold medical devices to orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons for nearly 10 years.

Jared Johnson

Jared builds innovative healthcare brands through digital strategy and engaging content that turns heads. Onalytica named him a #DigitalHealth Top 100 Influencer, and his peers nominated him to the #HIT100 list of health IT social media influencers twice. He is a keynote speaker, prolific content creator, host of the Healthcare Rap podcast and author of Connect the Docs: Put Digital Health Into Practice.