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Joy Boy

Season 1, Ep. 17

Narrated by Steve Buscemi, this is the story of Gosnell Duncan and the silicone dildo. After suffering a work-related accident, Caribbean-born Gosnell Duncan was paralyzed from the waist down. An engineer by trade, and determined not to let his disability come between him and the love of his life, Angela, Gosnell poured his knowledge and energy into crafting a new invention from his Brooklyn basement: the world’s first silicone dildo. His invention was intended for others too; specifically, he sought to bring pleasure to people with disabilities. Letters would come from all over the country with specific requests for his custom-made sex toys - letters telling Gosnell intimate secrets and hoping he could help. Despite many obstacles — including laws that could send him to prison just for advertising his products — Gosnell changed the world, one dick at a time. This story brings overdue recognition for an inventor like no other.

Journalist: Hallie Lieberman

Voice: Steve Buscemi

Production: Christopher Hooton

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  • Afterword: The Mockbuster

  • The Mockbuster

    When small-time money counterfeiter Edward L. Montoro nearly dies in a plane crash, he decides to reinvent himself as a filmmaker. It's the late 1970s, the dawn of the age of the blockbuster, and Montoro pioneers the "mockbuster"—knock-off productions that capitalize on the popularity of mainstream Hollywood films. But as his little studio attracts the wrath of the movie industry, Montoro makes a desperate decision, sparking one of the great unsolved mysteries in cinematic history.JOURNALIST: SHAUN RAVIVEDITING: THOMAS CURRYSOUND-DESIGN & AUDIO MIX: ALICE BOYDVOICE: ERIC JASON MARTIN
  • 28. Afterword: The Way We're Built

    A conversation with journalist Alex Mayyasi, author of The Way We're Built. HOST: MICHAEL LAPOINTEEDITING: THOMAS CURRYMUSIC, SCORING & SOUND-DESIGN: NATALIA RODRIGUEZ
  • 27. The Way We're Built

    Facing hard times in the early 1990s, Subaru of America is trying to understand who exactly buys their sturdy but drab brand of cars. That's when one marketing executive notices a peculiar niche in their focus groups—lesbian women. In the conservative corporate culture of Subaru, a group of marketing executives will try to turn the company's fortunes around through a secretive marketing campaign.JOUNALIST: ALEX MAYYASIEDITING: THOMAS CURRYMUSIC, SCORING & SOUND-DESIGN: DOMINIC GOZOVOICE: NESBA CRENSHAW
  • 26. Afterword: The Badir Brothers

    A conversation with journalist Yochai Maital author of "The Badir Brothers".HOST: MICHAEL LAPOINTEJOURNALIST: YOCHAI MAITALAUDIO: NATALIA RODRIGUEZ FORD
  • 25. The Badir Brothers

    In a small Israeli village in the 1980s, three Arab brothers are born blind. When a payphone is installed at the end of the block, the brothers discover they can use their supersensitive hearing to manipulate the lines to do their bidding, the first step in what will become the largest telecom fraud in Israeli history.JOURNALIST: YOCHAI MAITALEDITING: THOMAS CURRYMUSIC, SCORING & SOUND-DESIGN: DOMINIC GOZOVOICE: ALI SULIMANREPORTING BY: ADAM BIZANSKI
  • 24. Afterword: Blinkers

    A conversation about fakes, hustlers, and how to rip off the Grateful Dead with Harmon Leon, author of “Blinkers. Host: Michael LaPointeJournalist: Harmon LeonAudio: Natalia Rodriguez Ford
  • 23. Blinkers

    Teenage hustler Conor MacKay makes his living selling counterfeit tickets—or blinkers—at concerts and sporting events across the United States. It’s the early 1990s, the golden age of the blinker game, but as the federal authorities and Ticketmaster close in, Conor has to find what’s authentic in this world of fakes. A fictional story based on real events.NARRATOR: CARTER BELLAIMEYJOURNALIST: HARMON LEONAUDIO EDITING: MADDIE HICKISHMUSIC, SCORING & SOUND-DESIGN: DOMINIC GOZO
  • 22. The Starlet Bandits: Part 2

    It's Los Angeles in the mid-2000s and Nina is chasing the LA dream. She falls into sex work and gets caught up in her boyfriend/pimp's latest scheme: robbing banks. A disparate group of sex workers are transformed into a gang of bank robbers named The Starlet Bandits...Narrator: Jurnee SmollettJournalist: Lexi PandellAudio Editing: Natalia RodriguezMusic, Scoring & Sound-Design: Dominic Gozo