Joy Boy

Season 1, Ep. 17

Narrated by Steve Buscemi, this is the story of Gosnell Duncan and the silicone dildo. After being handicapped in a work-related accident, Gosnell was paralyzed from the waist down. A life-long lothario and passionate husband, Caribbean-born Gosnell used his engineering knowledge to craft a new invention: the world’s first silicone dildo. His invention was intended for others too; specifically, he sought to bring pleasure to people with disabilities. Letters would come from all over the country with specific requests for his custom-made sex toys, letters telling Gosnell intimate secrets and hoping he could help. Despite the many obstacles — including laws that could send him to prison just for advertising his products — Gosnell changed the world, one dick at a time. This story brings overdue recognition for an inventor like no other.

Journalist: Hallie Lieberman

Voice: Steve Buscemi

Production: Christopher Hooton

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