Pancreas Pals


Season 9 Ep. 2: What the Dex

Season 9, Ep. 2

In season 9 episode 2, Christie offers an update on how she's liking life with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), and Emily reveals some tips and tricks to living life with diabetes gadgets (and her hot takes on the pros and cons of the technology).

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  • 1. Season 10 Ep. 1: New Season, New(ish) Baby, Same Diabetes

    On season 10 episode 1, Emily and Miriam chat diabetes burn out, postpartum life for Miriam, and how they’re managing their diabetes these days.
  • 15. Season 9 Ep. 15: Pro Basketball & T1D ft. Lauren Cox

    In season 9 episode 15, Emily speaks with professional basketball player Lauren Cox about managing type 1 diabetes while playing basketball professionally, and overseas.
  • 14. Season 9 Ep. 14: Third-Trimester Check-In With Christie

    In Season 9 Episode 14, Christie tells Emily about her third trimester and recounts being shamed in a birthing class for being diabetic—Emily talks about her COVID recovery.
  • 13. Season 9 Ep. 13: Creating Resources for T1ds ft. Christina Roth-Sleeper

    In season 9 episode 13, Emily speaks with Christina Roth-Sleeper, the founder of Diabetes Link, former College Diabetes Network, to discuss resources for type 1 diabetics, going into a career focusing on diabetes, and how you can get involved.
  • 12. Season 9 Ep. 12: Having a Roommate as a Type 1 Diabetic

    On Season 9 Episode 12, Emily and Christie discuss tips and tricks to living with others as a type 1 diabetic, including roommates and partners.
  • 11. Season 9 Ep. 11: Freestyling With Libre 3

    On season 9 episode 11, Christie asks Emily about testing out the newest iteration of Abbott’s continuous glucose monitoring system—the Freestyle Libre 3—and talks about how it compares to the Dexcom G6.
  • 10. Season 9 Ep. 10: Miriam on Type 1 Pregnancy & Christie's Big News

    In season 9 episode 10, Miriam shares insights into her pregnancy with type 1 diabetes—with tips for each trimester—and Christie shares some big life news of her own.
  • 9. Season 9 Ep. 9: Diabetes & Mental Health ft. Dr. Mark Heyman

    In season 9 episode 9, Emily speaks with Mark Heyman, Ph.D., CDCES, author of Diabetes Sucks And You Can Handle It, and CEO of the Center for Diabetes and Mental Health, about the mental weight of living with type 1 diabetes, and how his new book addresses these stressors.
  • 8. Season 9 Ep. 8: What to Expect When You're Expecting With Type 1 Diabetes

    On season 9 episode 8, Miriam takes the mic and discusses all aspects of her pregnancy with type 1 diabetes, including the book all expecting mothers should read, how she managed blood sugars, and so much more.