Pancreas Pals

Just 2 Type 1 diabetic gals trying to live our best lives and share some of our literal highs and lows in navigating Type 1 diabetes.

Emily Goldman

Hi Pals! I'm a writer and digital editor in NYC, trying to live my best (diabetic) life. You can catch me on the weekends eating my way through NYC (even though I've lived here for over five years), cozying up to a good book at one of my favorite coffee shops, or recording episodes for the podcast. I love getting to know Pals near and far, and making new friends. Diabetes may be hard, but I hope that with every new episode, someone new can have a Pal to turn to.

Miriam Brand Schulberg

I’m Miriam! I went to the University of Maryland-College Park and received a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Human Development. I then went on to receive my Master’s in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness at NYU. I now work as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in NYC. But my special interest in providing counseling to those living with chronic illnesses—because we all need a little extra support and love!