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  • 46.1. Episode 46 - Part 1: The Walking Dead

    Jeremiah Bannister and Chad Lutzke discuss some book recommendations as well as the popular zombie series and what they love and hate about it.*PaleoCheeze email: *Instagram: *Twitter: *Facebook: *Youtube:

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  • 45. Episode 45: Transgressive Fiction, Mental Health, & Addiction with Tyler Jones

    In this episode, Chad Lutzke and Jeremiah Bannister hang out with author and musician Tyler Jones and talk about transgressive fiction, mental health, self awareness, addiction, and more. *Tyler's author page:*Tyler's Amazon page:*PaleoCheeze email: *Instagram: *Twitter: *Facebook: *Youtube:
  • 44. Episode 44: Friday the 13th Part 1 & 2

    In Episode One of our Friday the 13th series, horror author Chad Lutzke introduces talk show host Jeremiah Bannister to Friday the 13th. The mission: watch parts one (1980) & two (1981), then decide which Friday the 13th you think is better. They also discuss their favorite (and least favorite) kills and characters, as well as some background about the influence of Halloween (1978), the reasons why Friday the 13th is a better overall franchise than both Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street, and how pop culture can ruin a movie's most memorable moments.What do YOU think? Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments or email us at! CONNECT WITH THEM ON SOCIAL MEDIA:
  • 43. Episode 43: Top 5 Phobias

    In this episode, Jeremiah Bannister and Chad Lutzke finish discussing the top 10 most popular phobias with the top 5 while sharing their own fears. *PaleoCheeze email: *Instagram: *Twitter: *Facebook: *Youtube:
  • 42. Episode 42: Publishing, Music, and Movies with Jeremy Wagner & Jarod Barbee

    In this episode, Jeremiah Bannister and Chad Lutzke speak with Broken Hope guitarist and author Jeremy Wagner as well as Death's Head Press head honcho Jarod Barbee. They've recently started another press called Stygian Sky Media (see link below). We talk about publishing, music, movies, and even romance. Stygian Sky Media:'s Head Press: Hope: Wagner: email: Paleocheeze@gmail.comInstagram:
  • 41. Episode 41: Birdemic 2 with Guest Jason Brant

    In this episode, we watch and discuss the so-bad-it's-good film BIRDEMIC 2: THE RESURRECTION with author/podcaster Jason Brant. See the video on our Youtube channel to watch a bonus reaction reel.Jason's author site:'s Youtube channel: Guys Podcast: Youtube channel: Lutzke's author site:
  • 40. Episode 40: The Dangers of Virtual Reality and Most Popular Phobias

    In this episode, Chad Lutzke and Jeremiah Bannister discuss the dangers of virtual reality (including fear, nausea, and addiction) as well as the most popular phobias.Instagram: Paleocheeze@gmail.comTwitter: