Paint the Town Dead


Episode 70: Bass Reeves

Ep. 70

This week we talk about one of the most interesting people we've covered, Bass Reeves. Born a slave, he eventually got his freedom by escaping to Indian Territory before the end of the American Civil War. Eventually he would move to Ft. Smith, Arkansas where he would become the first black deputy west of the Mississippi. During his time rounding up outlaws, he would go on to have a legendary career.

Caitlin got engaged! She also tells us about some medical stuff and that time she got a sound bath and all of the great sleep she got. Andrew stopped depressing himself with dark films by playing a very hard video game which seem counterintuitive. He also tries to convince Caitlin to watch Garth Marenghi's Darkplace with poor results, but does get her interested in fantasy series Earthsea. We also discuss the Loki finale.

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