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Ep 36 - Brandon Sanderson - Science Fiction and Fantasy Author

Season 1, Ep. 36

Brian's guest this week is epic fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. For the very few of you who don’t know him, Brandon is one of the most prolific and successful authors working in science fiction and fantasy today. He is known for his massive interconnected Cosmere in which many different fantasy worlds exist in the same universe—including Mistborn, Elantris, and the Stormlight Archive. As of recording this intro, his Kickstarter for four secret novels has passed thirty million dollars and is by far the most successful Kickstarter in the history of the platform. Please note this interview was recorded before that went live, so they don’t cover the Kickstarter in this episode.

Brandon and Brian talk about the overwhelming nature of success, running a massive business, his experience working with co-authors, his desire to leave touring behind, and plenty more!

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