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Ep 35 - Janet Forbes - Author, Streamer, and CEO of WorldAnvil

Season 1, Ep. 35

Brian's guest this week is author and streamer Janet Forbes. Janet is the CEO of World Anvil, an online worldbuilding platform for roleplayers and writers that she founded with her husband. She also streams Dungeons and Dragons for Wizards of the Coast, records writing and RPG advice on Youtube, and works as a freelance worldbuilder and author.

Janet and Brian talk abut the genesis of World Anvil, writing for roleplaying games, dealing with the rapid growth of a company, and her background as a classically-trained musician and singer. They also talk about being a good game master, cooperative story-telling, and the occasional cultural differences you find playing RPGs. Enjoy Brian's conversation with Janet Forbes!

You can find Janet on Twitter or at WorldAnvil.

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