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Ep 25 - Robert Jackson Bennett - Epic Fantasy Author

Season 1, Ep. 25

Brian's guest this week is fantasy author—and a friend for many years—Robert Jackson Bennett. Robert’s career began back in 2010 with the award-winning Mr. Shivers and the Company Man, followed by The Troupe and American Elsewhere. He then took a turn into epic fantasy with the Divine Cities Trilogy, and is currently two books into the Founders Trilogy which concludes in June 2022 with Locklands.

Robert and Brian talk about his early work in literary fantasy, keeping his day job while navigating his successful writing career, and his interests in technology, climate change, and politics. We also cover the way we use our writing to discover the way we feel about the world, and condensing real-world problems into digestible narratives. Enjoy Brian's conversation with Robert Jackson Bennett!

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