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Dirty Kanza XL with Jamie Van Beek - Part 1

Jamie Van Beek finished the Dirty Kanza last year and immediately was looking for something more difficult... So she was accepted into this year's inaugural Dirty Kanza XL. Jamie shares her experiences with us over a two part interview!

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  • Team Mind Over Matter with Sally Orange

    Wonderful to talk with Sally Orange of Team Mind Over Matter - winners of the 2019 Ian Sandbach "Spirit of RAAM Award"
  • Marko Baloh through Chilicothe, OH with Laurel Darren

    Marko Baloh is having an amazing race this year! Riding strong in second place overall and first in Solo Men 50-59, Marko is nearing the end of his journey. Laurel Darren checks in from the RV outside Chilicothe with an update on Baloh's progress.
  • RAAM 2019 Marko Baloh from Indiana with Laurel Darren

    Crew member Laurel Darren checks in for team Marko Baloh as they race through Indiana. Marko is having one of the most consistent RAAMs of his career as he leads the Male 50-59 division and rides in second place overall
  • RAW 2019 with Sylvia Maas, Kristi Sisson and Meg Cottingham

    Sylvia, Kristi and Meg sat down with us following the RAW Awards Banquet to discuss their epic race. Sylvia was the ultimate 2 person relay teammate as she rode the final 400 miles from Camp Verde. Superstar crew members Kristi and Meg knew Sylvia would go for it and were there to offer their full support. Sylvia was off the bike for only 14 minutes between Camp Verde and the Durango finish line!
  • RAAM 2019: Johnny Boswell Reports from Kansas

    RAAM fan Johnny Boswell drove some 800 miles to Kansas so he could watch the RAAM leaders race through the midwest. Johnny brings 11 years experience as a RAAM Official to his perspective on the race and we caught up with him for his take on the event thus far as he drove home.
  • Race Across the West Finish Line with Overall Solo Champion Jenn Orr

    Interview with Jen Orr moments after she crossed the 2019 Race Across the West finish line as the Overall Solo Champion!
  • Texas Water Safari with Hall of Fame Inductee Norm Thomas

    Norm Thomas first undertook the Texas Water Safari in 1978 and has been hooked ever since. He's finished once in a two man canoe and the other nine as a soloist. Norm shares his experiences with us as he prepares to greet the 2019 finishers of this year's event.
  • Colorado League Decade of Dirt Kickoff from Yeti Cycles (Part 1)!

    What a great time at the Colorado League Decade of Dirt Kickoff party at Yeti Cycles! We talked with too many interesting individuals to fit them all into one program - here's Part 1