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Latest Episode12/14/2018

The Resilient Annie Cook • Outside the 8 Ep. 12

We are back! Here we have episode 12 of Outside the 8 with the Resilient Annie Cook. Annie is from Towson, Maryland, played lacrosse at McDonogh High School, and went on to be on of the first class of recruits to play at Campbell University. Annie reached out to me wanting to share her story of experiencing a career ending head injury after having too many concussions on the field. Concussions in lacrosse are not uncommon, I had two minor ones in my playing career, and with the nature of the sport, they are at times unpreventable. At this point girls and women’s lacrosse rules only require the eye wear goggles, although there is a push toward more helmet based headgear that could help with reducing the number of concussions players experience. Annie describes the journey she went through dealing with chronic symptoms, the decision to no longer compete, and how she still managed to graduate on time and be a part of the team. Her story is inspiring and her resilience has led her to live life fully and share the message of playing every game like it's your last with the girl's that she coaches. For more on this episode visit me know what you think, you can email and RATE, REVIEW, and SUBSCRIBE (you can do this on Soundcloud or the podcast app on your phone). FEATURING:Host: Cassie BrunelleGuest: Annie Cook, Campbell University 2016, youth coach with Fire Lacrosse and Santa Monica DragonsMUSIC: "Relaxx" by Benny Salz

The Confident Carly Reed • Outside the 8 Ep. 11

We are BACK with episode eleven of Outside the 8, this time with the confident and crazy cool Carly Reed. A DC native, Carly loved lacrosse from a young age and worked hard for her role on the UNC Tarheels women's lacrosse team. She was a national champion in 2016, and just this past year earned a WPLL championship with the New England Command. More importantly, she's making a name for herself in both the sports and fashion world with the launch of her athlete exclusive apparel company, On the Line. We talk about this and all things lacrosse related on this episode. Thanks for listening!On this episode we talk about:1. What is means to be an "influencer" in this digital age, as long as you're using your platform for good!2. Carly's journey to UNC and how she stayed focused amidst the academic and social transition into college.3. Winning a NCAA National Championship and what it meant for her and her teammates. 4. Carly is honest about some of the difficulties that come with success, the expectations and pressure and how she learned to come back stronger than ever. 5. We discuss the importance of giving back to the sport, and creating opportunities for youth to embrace the game.6. How did Carly decide to start her own company and more importantly, how does she do it? It's pretty amazing.7. We talk all about On the Line, where it's going and how YOU can join. Check out their website for more details and to sign up.8. Carly shares her experience with the WPLL and what it means to be a professional lacrosse player.Carly's bubbles with joy and a go getter attitude, and she's got some great one liners. She's confident because she has worked hard to build a business, continues to test herself athletically, and stays disciplined. I appreciated her coming to record with me spontaneously, and for being open to sharing so many things about her experiences. I think many can relate to some of the challenges that come with the transitions she know, that post grad feeling of "what am I doing with my life!?" Check her out on Instagram @carlmecrazy for a dose of cute fashion and tough workouts.Let me know what you think, you can email and RATE, REVIEW, and SUBSCRIBE (you can do this on Soundcloud or the podcast app on your phone). For more:FEATURING:Host: Cassie BrunelleGuest: Carly Reed, UNC '16, Founder of On the Line Apparel, WPLL New England CommandMUSIC: "Relaxx" by Benny Salz

The Great Ashley Gersuk Murphy • Outside the 8 Ep. 10

TEN! Episode 10 of Outside the 8 has arrived. This time with the Great Ashley Gersuk Murphy. Ashley is from upstate New York, went to Northwestern in 2001, and was a part of the first team to win a National Championship at Northwestern. She briefly worked for a media agency post-college, but was given the opportunity to build a career in lacrosse, eventually partnering with George Leveille to establish Summit Lacrosse Ventures, the operation behind Lake Placid Lacrosse and tournaments and events across the country.On this episode we talk about:1. How Ashley grew up playing boys lacrosse because she wanted to, and made it happen! And then eventually found her way into the goal playing women's lacrosse.2. The resurrection of Northwestern University's lacrosse program with Ashley as a freshman captain.3. We learn how sports and business intersect in Ashley's role as CEO.4. We highlight the legendary Lake Placid lacrosse tournament, which is entering its 30th year in August 2019. 5. Ashley describes all the incredible tournaments and events put on by Summit Lacrosse Ventures.6. What it means to Ashley to be a leader and boss, and how sports have instilled confidence and a "get it done" attitude. 7. How lacrosse, specifically the women's game, has changed for the better and why it's important to keep it FUN.8. Positive growth of the game and business within the lacrosse industry. Ashley is confident, strong, unapologetic, and a leader. I admire her for being fearless, preferring to play boys lacrosse at a young age and not caring what anybody thought. She's a legend, a role model, and a boss at the office and in life. All these things make her GREAT, and I'm so glad we were able to learn from her and share the important work of Summit Lacrosse Ventures. Big thanks to Ashley and her team and thank YOU for listening. Let me know what you think, you can email and RATE, REVIEW, and SUBSCRIBE (you can do this on Soundcloud or the podcast app on your phone). For more: FEATURING:Host: Cassie BrunelleGuest: Ashley Gersuk Murphy, CEO Summit Lacrosse VenturesMUSIC: "Relaxx" by Benny Salz

The Fierce Tanner Guarino • Outside the 8 Ep. 8

We have made it to number 8!Welcome back to Outside the 8. This week we have the Fierce Tanner Guarino. We had the chance to sit down with Tanner during a recent trip to Boston. She has a lot to share about her lacrosse experience, going to UMass, building her club program, Gold Star Lacrosse, and playing in the inaugural season of the WPLL with the New England Command. I peppered Tanner with all sorts of questions and she was a sport answering them all. I appreciated her making the trek to make this episode happen, and look forward to the next time we can connect!Here are some highlights from the episode:1. Tanner and I discuss how we found lacrosse after focusing on basketball during elementary days.2. We talk about her experience at UMass, playing in every single game of her college career. 3. Tanner and her sister-in-law Kristen Igoe have played together for many years and are now developing their own club in Massachusetts, Gold Star Lacrosse.4. We talk about the benefits of playing multiple sports, and how specialization is happening at a much younger age. 5. Tanner explains her experience with the WPLL and what it means to her to still be playing. 6. We gush over our love for our niece/nephews and what we want to see for the sport as they get older. 7. Tanner gives her two cents about playing with mesh and the rules changes and how she wants to see lacrosse evolve.8. Finally, I end this podcast with highlighting recent lacrosse related news including thoughts on the PLL, the Fall WPLL Draft, KO17, and all the other great podcasts available through LAS.As always, thanks for listening. Rate, Review and Subscribe. Check out LaxAllStars for more podcasts and stay tuned for future episodes!Host: Cassie BrunelleGuest: Tanner Guarino (UMass 2014, New England Command)Music: "Relaxx" by Benny Salz

Outside the Eight Ep. 7 • The Courageous Lauren Benner

Hello again, it's THURSDAY!On this week's episode of Outside the 8 with the Courageous Lauren Benner we cover a lot. Lauren is from Annapolis, was a goalie at University of Virginia and after playing a fifth year at Denver University and being an assistant coach at DU and Louisville. She is now living in Denver, coaching at Valor Christian High School, running girls youth lacrosse across the state, and officiating high school and college level games. She brings so much passion for the sport, steadfastness through adversity, and has many great ideas to keep consistent growth of the game.Here's a few highlights:1. We discuss the benefits of playing three sports in high school and how that sets athletes up for college, and how she knew she wanted to play lacrosse.2. We talk about how she decided to be the one in the cage, and how her red shirt year was one of the best decisions she could have made. 3. Lauren explains her love for Denver and Colorado life, bringing her east coast knowledge of lacrosse a little further west. 4. We dive into the loss of her teammate Yeardley Love during their senior season, and also highlight the important work of the One Love Foundation.5. Lauren discusses the impact she wants to have on the girls she coaches and we relish in the fact that we didn't grow up with the pressures of social media, and what that means for younger people today.6. We talk about her coaching experience at the college and high school level, the differences and surprises.7. A breakdown of Colorado youth lacrosse, and growing the game locally so there is more community surrounding the sport.8. What it's like to be an official, the training process and she mentions how you can get involved officiating your local lacrosse leagues.As always, thanks for listening. Rate, Review and Subscribe. Check out LaxAllStars for more podcasts and stay tuned for future episodes!Host: Cassie BrunelleGuest: Lauren Benner (UVA 2010)Music: "Relaxx" by Benny Salz

The Adventurous Cassidy Doster • Outside the 8 Ep. 6

Here we are again, did you think we would stop? Nope, just getting started. This is a "mini" episode with current UMass Midfielder/Attacker Cassidy Doster (#16). She's in the midst of senior year fall ball, but when we recorded this episode Cassidy was wrapping up an epic summer in California. Coaching, living the lax dream, and counting down the days until her return to the west coast, Cassidy gives us a taste of current life as a D1 laxer and what her team is hungry for in the year ahead.On this episode we talk about:1. Why California is so great! And Cassidy's take on west coast lax (hint: it's legit).2. The impact lacrosse has had on her, both as an athlete and where it's taken her in life.3. The importance of taking risks and having a lot of fun, but also being safe, where helmets, kids! Oh, we also mention helmets for women's lacrosse.4. Getting recruited from a small town.5. NCAA tournament appearances and a devastating loss to the University of Richmond.6. How her teammates keep each other in check.7. Those dreaded fitness tests every fall.8. Her post grad hopes of a life in California becoming closer to a reality.Grateful to Cass for her energy, love of the game, and for sharing the same nickname. We'll def be cheering #16 this Spring!We want to hear from MORE current women's lacrosse players from any level. If you are interested in an interview, drop me a note. Give your team a shout out and share your story, don't be shy. You can email Then tell your friends and and RATE, REVIEW, and SUBSCRIBE (you can do this on Soundcloud or the podcast app on your phone). For more:…osse-podcast-ep-6FEATURING:Host, Cassie BrunelleGuest: Cassidy Doster (UMass 2019)More: "Relaxx" by Benny Salz