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Coming Out Again

Ep. 1

Joining us for our very first episode is my fiancé Tyler Austin as he opens up on what its been like for him on his journey of gender identity and sexuality. For many queer people it might feel like we are constantly coming out to the people and world around us but how can we change that narrative to something more less about others and more about our own self love!

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  • 23. Loss , Acceptance & Joy with Mara Lauren Hutchinson

    On this Episode we have Mara Lauren Hutchinson @atemara joining us. Mara opens up about her journey of acceptance after becoming legally blind and how she is using her voice on social media to now help others on their journeys. We also get into how the disababled community is so diverse with every person having a unique experience and story. Lastly we talk about how diverse marketing must include not just peoples of different ethnicities but also her community with visible and non visible disabilities.
  • 22. Being Queer in Professional Sports with Tyra Blizzard

    On this episode I chat with Tyra Blizzard @tyrablizz about their experience finding their queerness within playing professional basketball. We also get into the evolutional of their sexuality and how to deal with bulling online.
  • 21. Plus Size, Asexual and Fashion with Kyle Pretzlaff

    Joining on this episode of Our Private Bit is Kyle Pretzlaff @kylefrominsta we talk about his journey to being a plus size fashion content creator and how he defines his Asexuality.
  • 20. Winning Canadas Drag Race with Gisele Lullaby

    Royality is gracing Our Private Bits with winner of Canadas Drag Race Gisele Lullaby. We talk about life after Drag Race and get into what actually happens behind the scenes of the show!
  • 19. Soberity isn't Boring it's Joyful with Luc Zoratto

    On this episode I sit down with Alcohol-Free Life Coach Luc Zoratto. We talk about our journeys to sobriety and how being sober is far from being boring!
  • 18. Reclaiming Culture & Queerness with Kels Delamarter

    On this Episode Kels Delamarter @__kelsifer & I discuss what’s it been like growing up queer in rural towns and how she has bridged her culture with her queerness. 
  • 17. What is Trans Genderqueer with Kain Nathaniel

    Joining us is Kain Nathaniel They/Them. We get together to talk about their expirence of discovering their gender identity, gender expression and sexuality as a trans-genderqueer disabled person. You can find Kain on Social @kainnathaniel
  • 16. The Birds Papaya aka Sarah Nicole Landry

    On this episode of Our Private Bits we are joined by one of my favourite people in the world @TheBirdsPapaya aka Sarah Nicole Laundry. We get a bit spicy on this episode getting into the dating life of Sarah being a single mom and the journey to meet her incredible husband Shane. Also be sure to check out her podcast @thepapayapodcast
  • 15. Our Medications

    On this Episode Tyler and I will be talking about the medications we take in order to live our most authentic lives. For myself being HIV positive we get into my journey with taking ART ( antiretroviral therapy ) in pill form and now moving into Injections . We also touch on PrEP ( Pre-exposure prophylaxis ) medications you can take to help prevent transmission of HIV and how they work differently in different body types. Lastly we also talk about Tylers parallels with taking testosterone and the journey he has been on with it.