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  • 8. Sucking Tube

    WTF is with this suck tube? Which one of you bastards keeps pranking me? I think I emotionally scarred an old lady. LOLJoin me live on Thursday nights @

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  • 7. Caulk Stucker

    I caulked that sumbitch shut, beefy problems, and calling for bitches.Join me live on Thursday nights @
  • 6. Hall Dolls

    Bitchy hotel neighbors, Halloween decor gone wrong, Nature Boy Flu, and fuck you Tim Allen, you talentless shitbag.Oops! I added one call twice. Join me on Thursday nights @
  • 5. Seggs Working Spiders

    Spiders trying to proposition me. Apparently that limp dick never checked out. A good conservative view of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • 4. Failed Philosophy

    Failed philosophies, thicc paint, 69, and some old lady who really shouldn't have been smoking .WHY DID HE DO IT?!?!?!?
  • 3. Gigabytes of Gas

    Otter celebrates getting one of them new Teslers with a maiden voyage that ends in being confused about his fuel source. Join me Live @
  • 2. Them Origami Napkins

    Join me live @ if you like my content and are feeling generous, hit me up @