cover art for Shelf Moor Preview (Featuring Nichola Jackson and Billy Cartwright)

On The Back Foot

Shelf Moor Preview (Featuring Nichola Jackson and Billy Cartwright)

Season 4, Ep. 16

We have a new feature!

Charlie advises what to do when you're injured...

We then interview the British Hill and Fell Running Champions

Hear a little about Shelf Moor

Get played out with a song

Thank you for listening

Have a great race!

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    Fell Running News, Munching on the Moors, a Ron Hill exclusive, The Cat Lane Canter and On The Bob FootThank you contributersHope to see a few of you at Ilkley Moor
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    Another episode with a great guest! Thank you Gary for sharing your time. 0.00 A joyful intro with Jacob TonkinApprox 4 mins - On The Bob FootApprox 14 mins - Gary House interviewApprox 1 hr 23 mins - Fell Running NewsApprox 1 hr 28 mins - Munching On The MoorsApprox 1 hr 35 mins - Talking Cumbrian with Jacob TonkinApprox 1 hr 41 mins - A song for GaryPlease contact with fell running news, munching on the moors, questions for guests or Jacob Tonkin
  • 8. On The Bob Foot - Tigger Tor and The Adventures of Dr Rothery

    Sit back, relax and see where this one takes you! Thank you to Ben Rothery, Josh Holgate, Cynog Williams, Alex Mason and Jacob TonkinDr Rothery stars in;The case of the Lulu LemonNot signing upThe case of the wrong reccyFollowing the wrong men!We welcome comment and content at or visit the facebook group/instagram for updates
  • 7. On The Bob Foot - Tigger Tor Preview feat Bart Shaw

    On the Bob Foot, Chris Alborough interviews Bart Shaw, Will Boothman returns for Munching on the Moors, Rob Greenwood rounds up the Trigger and Jacob Tonkin teaches us some Cumbrian. A former guest returns for a little update with a lovely phrase on returning to running I haven't heard beforeLining up some guests - if there is ever anyone you want to hear from please get in touch
  • 6. On The Bobby Foot - A new niggle and a special collaboration

    On the Bob Foot, Fell Running News and a special collaborationEmail your race reports, munching on the moors, questions for learning Cumbrian to onthebackfootpod@gmail.comFor reference: - 0.02 - Lord of Totley doing what he does best5.01 - A man earning a lost sheep awardBert Miller & The Animal Folk - Don't eat your friends of.... Stevens fundraiser link's last check point (at time of episode release) was Hawes, hot on the tails of Richard Curtis
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    Just like the Spine it's a long oneEdale to Hebden Bridge - On the bob foot training diaryHebden Bridge to Hawes - Interview with Jenny Stevens - to Hardraw - Spinaholic with Richard BulmerHardraw to Middleton and Teesedale - Rob Greenwood's Spine Teeser Middleton and Teesedale to Alston and Bellingham - Bobby G's 9 StandardsAlston and Bellingham to Kirk Yetholm - Learning Cumbrian with Jacob TonkinEnjoy the Journery
  • 4. On The Bob Foot - Getting Brosson

    Never before has a podcast been so obvious and formulaic. Back again with the usual features: Traning Diary, FR News, Munching on the Moors and Learning Cumbrian with JT