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On The Back Foot

On The Bobby Foot - A new niggle and a special collaboration

Season 5, Ep. 6

On the Bob Foot, Fell Running News and a special collaboration

Email your race reports, munching on the moors, questions for learning Cumbrian to

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0.00 - 0.02 - Lord of Totley doing what he does best

5.01 - A man earning a lost sheep award

Bert Miller & The Animal Folk - Don't eat your friends

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Jennie's last check point (at time of episode release) was Hawes, hot on the tails of Richard Curtis

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  • 19. Talkin' with Tonkin and Bobby's Hard Storrys

    Contributors become guestsWe munch on the moorsThe lads teach me scree descendingWe hear about Jacob's love of postcodesThe origins of Bobby's nameAnd all of this in just a short 2hrsOf course I telling you about my training and my breakfasts too!
  • 18. Lad's Leap Review

    The review has landed! Thank you to all contributors. Thank you for listeningCharles
  • 17. Lad's Leap Preview - Featuring Des Gibbons

    Great interview with Des Gibbons ahead of Lad's Leap. Followed by the Adventures of Fran and Andy, a return of a familiar voice, the arrival of a new voice, 'Fell Running News 'and On The Bob FootApologies I didn't have all the results from Coledale Horseshoe at time of editing - Congratulations to Emma Clayton for winning, ahead of Phillipa McCrea and Kelli RobertsThank you DesHave a great time at Lad's Leap and see you there!
  • 16. On The Bob Foot - Cake Testing, Words and Theme Tunes

    Contributors come up with the goods againFeedback to
  • 15. Flower Scar Review - On The Bob Foot - Turning up the volume

    Following on from Flower Scar. We get the big name in first and hear from Bobby Gard-Storry. Myself and sub editor Quiz Alborough ponder if we've got enough to make an epsiode. Tonkin returns and so does his Majesty of Munching on the Moors, A very fast man gives his report in his indomitable style. We learn more about how to run like a Haggis. Training gets specific for the Bob Graham and Rob rounds-up the results!Introduction courtesy of famous American Ultra Runner Davey GobbinsWell done to all who raced at Flower Scar. Hope to see you at Lad's Leap
  • 14. Good luck one and all

    This isn't really an episode, it's a song...Just wanted to say good luck, we're all counting on you!
  • 13. Flower Scar Preview - The Champs begins!

    It's a long one. So approach it like Munching On The Moors. You could eat it up in little bits or devour all your food in one go and be an absolute hero of your own lunchbox!The Flower Scar preview features Doni Clarke, Nic Barber, Chris Alborough, Andy Blackett, Bobby Gard-Storry, Dr Rothery, John Kelly and Skip the dog 🐕With it being a marked course Fran ‘Run like a Haggis’ Blackett takes a week off https://www.runlikeahaggis.comAnd your favourite Cumbrian language teacher had an inset day so there is no lesson this week
  • 13. On The Bob Foot - The James Wynne Wine Win Method, Racing Tips with Andy Blackett, Munching On The Moors, Haggising and Learning Cumbrian

    Some critics have claimed that I impersonate top mountain runner's talking to me on my podcast! First of all I wouldn't do such a silly thing. Secondly I don't actually have the talent. All the guests featured on this episode took time out of their busy days to send me well rehearsed voice notes that probably took them hours to rehearse. The fact anyone would suggest some of them are phony is frankly insulting and if accusers want to listen to 'On The Back Foot' then I think they should be donating money to Jacob Tonkin's Benidorm trip!
  • 12. On The Bob Foot - Harry Bolton's Electric Sex Shoe, High Cup Nick, Cheese Sandwiches and Tandems

    Fell Running News, Munching on the Moors, a Ron Hill exclusive, The Cat Lane Canter and On The Bob FootThank you contributersHope to see a few of you at Ilkley Moor