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On The Back Foot

Chapelfell Top Preview (Featuring Fran Blackett)

Season 4, Ep. 11

Reliving some recent 5k action Charlie gets thinking about shorter races and the pain involved, we then meet race organiser Fran Blackett (around 12 minutes if overly in depth race reports set to classical music aren't your thing) to talk about her running experiences and the upcoming Chapelfell Top. Some excellent punditry comes in from Alex Fowler and Charlie's musical talents are tested if you stick around beyond the outro.

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On The Back Foot


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  • 15. Shelf Moor Preview (Featuring Nichola Jackson and Billy Cartwright)

    We have a new feature! Charlie advises what to do when you're injured...We then interview the British Hill and Fell Running ChampionsHear a little about Shelf MoorGet played out with a songThank you for listening Have a great race!
  • 15. UTMB Special with Dave Chew, Arden Young and Nichole Abma

    After spending the week leading up to the UTMB making friends with the 1st Australian at UTMB, the 1st Canadian at CCC, her epic crew and premier ultra running podcasters it seemed silly not to make an episode!10 mins of intro 60 mins of Dave Chew, Arden Young and Nichole Abma 5 mins of outro Song - by popular demand but could put an end to thatBack to fell running next week. Don’t hesitate to contact Charlie @
  • 14. Sedburgh review (Featuring Harry Bolton and Jake Collier)

    The Sedburgh Review finally lands!With a dedicated roaming reporter giving what were live course updates we bring you the best of the action. This is followed by an interview with Harry Bolton (co-hosted by special guest Jake Collier and a mystery late arrival).Then the resultsThen a little CB summary Thank you for listeningDon’t hesitate to contact the podcast on
  • 13. Sedburgh Preview (With Bart Shaw)

    Managed to cobble something together with Bart for a Sedburgh preview. No wifi so resorted to recording a what’s app voice call through a speaker onto a laptop… I hope the audio is what you fantastic people deserve and that you’re all pumped for the race. I know I would be. Peas and Love. Charlie
  • 12. Chapelfell Top Review (Featuring Special Guests)

    Chapel Fell Top review finally lands with plenty of guests - Fran Blackett, Chris Alborough, Alex Fowler, Eve Pannone, Daniel Haworth and Ben Rothery. 
  • 10. Rachel Steen

    In this episode we meet Rachel Steen, a Totley runner and close friend of the podcast. Rachel opens up about her journey with running and fertility. Meanwhile it’s Hathersage Gala and plenty is happening in the village
  • 9. Duddon Valley Review (Featuring Eve Pannone)

    Looking back at the last Champs race we meet with U23 Fell Running Champion Eve Pannone. We hear about her route into Fell Running, her recent trips abroad, how she tackles her training and what music gets her pumped before a race.Charlie reports on his run with his good friend Bart Shaw and reads out the results. A roaming reporter gives us some mid race updates and there is some of the usual nonsense that you probably expect with this podcast.
  • 8. Duddon Valley Preview (Featuring Josh Hartley)

    Today we talk about tomorrow's Duddon Valley and other things tooJosh was a great guest and brought lots of stories. We hit the chat about the course somewhere after 40 minutesAll the bestCharlie