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Audere Radio 039

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SUZé - Somehow Indifferent [Deep Tales]

JEI BLVCK - Obsessor [Modern Agenda]

Alfonso Muchacho - Mind Virus (Extended Mix) [Above The Storm]

Frankllin - I Woke Up [Mirror Walk]

Ornery - Phosphorus [Audere]

Andrewboy - Fire [UV Noir]

Wurtz, Iberian Muse - Armageddon [DIT KLINGT JUT]

AO (MX) - El Tiempo [Lowbit]

Cherry (UA) - Defacto (Extended Mix) [Siona Records]

Rio Moriyasu - Shinku [Artessa Music]

1Merdem - Connected [Innerselves]

TPSY - Liberta' [Awen Records]

Teri Berka - Colibries [Stellar Black]

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