Out of the Box with Jonathan Russo


Xi and Putin: Marriage Made in Hell? (ft. James Stuber)

Ep. 28

Continuing the China conversation, Jonathan and James Stuber discuss the uncanny parallels between two heads of state, President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China, and President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation.

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  • 10. The Gut Microbiome (ft. Dr. Joseph Weiss)

    On today's episode, Jonathan interviews gastroenterologist Dr. Joseph Weiss about the benefits of the gut biome. Find Dr. Weiss' work here: http://www.smartaskbooks.com/.
  • 9. On the Ukraine Border (ft. Marcin Piotrowski)

    Jonathan talks with Marcin Piotrowski from the Folkowisko Foundation about the work that the organization has been doing to provide aid to Ukrainians over the last year. To support the Folkowisko Foundation, go to https://fundacja.folkowisko.org/en/main/wsparcie/.
  • 8. Through the Marxist Lens: Policing in America (ft. Clyde Barrow)

    Jonathan is joined once more by Dr. Clyde Barrow, professor and chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley, to talk all things Through the Marxist Lens. In this special bonus episode of the series, they discuss the recent murder of Tyre Nichols and the system of policing in a capitalist state. This week’s episode has mentions of police brutality, violence, and racism.
  • 7. Israel's New Government and the American Diaspora (ft. Dan Perry)

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    On today's episode, Jonathan is joined by doctor, British Army veteran, and historian Prit Buttar. The two discuss Prit's newest book The Meat Grinder, and the implications Russia's World War II strategy have in the battle for Ukraine today. Today's episode has references to violence and war.
  • 5. The End of Zero Covid in China (ft. James Stuber)

    In this episode, Jonathan and James discuss the abrupt end of the Zero Covid policy in China and the impact that it has economically and culturally. Today’s episode has references to violence and sexual assault.
  • 4. Eric Adams' Plan for the Homeless (ft. Jonathan T. Davis)

    On today's show, we feature two Jonathans, host Jonathan Russo and guest Jonathan T. Davis, who reflect on Mayor Eric Adams' announcement that he plans to involuntarily hospitalize mentally ill homeless people. They discuss their histories as lifelong New Yorkers and how that affects their view of the new plan.
  • 3. You Won't Believe What This Man Says About Politics: Clickbait and the Midterms (ft. Steve Cohen)

    Jonathan and Steve discuss the impact of clickbait on this year's elections, share their support of mandatory national service, and brainstorm potential candidates for the 2024 presidential race.
  • 2. The Economics of Palestine (ft. Benny Avni)

    Benny Avni and Jonathan Russo discuss some of the latest developments in Israel and the mid-east.