cover art for Through the Marxist Lens: Policing in America (ft. Clyde Barrow)

Out of the Box with Jonathan Russo

Through the Marxist Lens: Policing in America (ft. Clyde Barrow)

Season 2, Ep. 8

Jonathan is joined once more by Dr. Clyde Barrow, professor and chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley, to talk all things Through the Marxist Lens. In this special bonus episode of the series, they discuss the recent murder of Tyre Nichols and the system of policing in a capitalist state. This week’s episode has mentions of police brutality, violence, and racism.

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  • 17. To Besiege a City (ft. Prit Buttar)

    Prit and Jonathan discuss Prit's latest release, To Besiege a City.
  • 16. Ozempic, Obesity, and Self-Control (ft. Marion Nestle)

    Marion Nestle, renowned food writer and professor of nutrition, food studies, and public health, joins Jonathan to talk about the latest craze of diet injections hitting the market.---Marion Nestle is Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health, Emerita, at New York University, in the department she chaired from 1988-2003 and from which she retired in September 2017. She is also Visiting Professor of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell. She is the author, co-author, or co-editor of fifteen books, several of them prize-winning, notably What to Eat; Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health; and Soda Politics:Taking on Big Soda (and Winning). Her most recent book is a memoir, Slow Cooked: An Unexpected Life in Food Politics (2022). She is working on an updated and thoroughly revised edition of What to Eat for Picador Press (currently scheduled for March 2025).She blogs almost daily at, where she is writing about these very issues. Read Marion’s blog on obesity drugs here: has received many awards and honors: In 2011, Michael Pollan ranked her as the #2 most powerful foodie in America (after Michelle Obama), and Mark Bittman ranked her #1 in his list of foodies to be thankful for. She is the recipient of the 2023 Edinburgh Medal for Science and Humanities.
  • 15. The Frontrunners of the Republican Debates (ft. Jonathan Davis)

    Jonathan Russo talks to Jonathan Davis about the current status of the Republican candidates and what may be motivating some of their policies. 
  • 14. Chinese Investments and American Manufacturing (ft. James Stuber)

    Jonathan is joined by our resident China expert, James Stuber, to discuss the Chinese Communist Party and how American investors are financing the manufacturing dominance and theft of intellectual property as well as funding the Chinese military. James also discussed his and the Coalition for a Prosperous America's legislative solutions to address this issue.
  • 13. 75 Years Later: The Current Status of Palestinian Refugees (ft. Dan Perry)

    Jonathan is joined by Dan Perry to chat updates about the status of Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon and beyond. 75 years after displacement, what's happened?
  • 12. An Exclusive Interview with the Head of the Deep State (ft. Anonymous)

    Jonathan sits down with today's guest for a very special episode. He's going inside the mind of the Deep State -- with an exclusive interview with one of the Deep State's very own leaders -- and you'll never believe what "Mr. Deep State" has to say!
  • 11. The Suicide of Democracy? (ft. Dr. Thomas Joiner)

    Conservative commentator Ann Coulter declared recently, “I’m calling on EVERY REPUBLICAN TO COMMIT SUICIDE in solidarity with Trump!” Was this mere tongue-in-cheek, or is there some truth to it? Jonathan sits down with psychologist and leading expert in suicide Thomas Joiner (Florida State University) to discuss.
  • 10. The Gut Microbiome (ft. Dr. Joseph Weiss)

    On today's episode, Jonathan interviews gastroenterologist Dr. Joseph Weiss about the benefits of the gut biome. Find Dr. Weiss' work here:
  • 9. On the Ukraine Border (ft. Marcin Piotrowski)

    Jonathan talks with Marcin Piotrowski from the Folkowisko Foundation about the work that the organization has been doing to provide aid to Ukrainians over the last year. To support the Folkowisko Foundation, go to