cover art for The End of Zero Covid in China (ft. James Stuber)

Out of the Box with Jonathan Russo

The End of Zero Covid in China (ft. James Stuber)

Season 2, Ep. 5

In this episode, Jonathan and James discuss the abrupt end of the Zero Covid policy in China and the impact that it has economically and culturally. Today’s episode has references to violence and sexual assault.

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  • 10. The War in Gaza (ft. Benny Avni)

    Jonathan and Benny Avni talk about the history leading up to the war in Gaza and potential foreign relations outcomes.
  • 9. Notes from the Brink (ft. Jeffrey S. Robbins)

    Friend of the pod Jeffrey Robbins is welcomed back to Out of the Box to talk about his new book, Notes from the Brink, a published collection of essays. The two dive deep into election denialism, Trumpism, and crack a few lawyer jokes.
  • 8. The Violence of Election Denialism (ft. Justin Glawe)

    Journalist Justin Glawe joins Jonathan Russo to talk all things January 6th and November 5th. What sparks election denialism, and what makes people stick with it? Find out on this week's episode of Out of the Box with Jonathan Russo.
  • 7. What is Ukraine Like Today? (ft. John Reilly)

    On the latest episode of Out of the Box, Jonathan is joined by John Reilly, who recounts his recent medical volunteering in Ukraine. John talks about his experiences and the people he met, connecting with Jonathan's time in Ukraine a year ago.About Care Force:Global Care Force partners with organizations providing safety net services in their communities. They equip individuals and groups with fundraising tools and resources to raise awareness and financial support for their volunteer service. You can learn more about them at their website,
  • 6. Gaza, Israel, and Gen-Z (ft. Dan Perry)

    Jonathan is joined by Dan Perry to talk about why the war in Gaza has captured the world's attention when there are many devastating conflicts across the globe. The two give a summary of the conflict thus far, and discuss what could be next.
  • 5. China's Economic Problem (ft. James Stuber)

    In this episode of Out of the Box with Jonathan Russo, expert on China and legislative counsel for the Coalition for a Prosperous America, James Stuber, rejoins as guest. He and Jonathan talk all things China, including just what's creating a Space Race 2.0 between the United States and China.
  • 4. Trump is the Effect (ft. Dr. Clyde Barrow)

    Jonathan Russo talks to esteemed professor of Marxist Theory, Clyde Barrow, who unequivocally states that Trump is the effect, not the cause, of the chaotic and authoritarian impulse in American politics.
  • 3. Aristocrats and Fascism from 1940 to Today (ft. Dr. Thomas Weber)

    Today, Jonathan is joined by Thomas Weber to discuss what links the social and political movements of 1930s-1940s Germany and 2024 America.
  • 2. Germany, Israel, & Gaza (ft. Dr. Prit Buttar)

    In this episode, Jonathan welcomes back Dr. Prit Buttar as the two talk through connections and differences in World War II and today’s Gaza–Israel conflict. This episode contains mentions of sexual assault.