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Troy Cassar-Daley

Ep. 105

Troy Cassar-Daley

Troy Cassar-Daley is an Australian country music songwriter and entertainer, and author. Cassar-Daley has released ten studio albums, two live albums and six compilation albums over 30 years, including the platinum-selling The Great Country Songbook with Adam Harvey. 37 Country music Golden Guitar Awards and many more make this one of Australia's greatest talents. If you haven't heard his tracks you're missing out. See his secret show at The Triffid under the name of Tex Dubbo.

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  • 103. Branding Guru - Garry Browne AO

    I am so excited to have one of the worlds best branding experts on the show. You need to know this info, it is so valuable whether you are a famous celebrity, a CEO or an office worker trying to claw your way to the top. Garry has over 40 years experience launching brands that have turned over billions. You can read about it in his new book, "Brand New Brand You". At the very least you should watch this video to learn from the best and if you're serious about your brand the book is imperative. In stores now.Booktopia CommentsThis book is featured in our Be Your Best! page, a collection of the best books to help you unlock your career potentialPlease visit to see more.This book is featured in our Business Books for Excellence page, a collection of the best books to help you work, communicate and manage better. Visit to see the best in business excellence.Product DescriptionIn Brand New Brand You Garry Browne AM shares over 40 years of experience in branding in the FMCG and in the not-for-profit sector to help people take action to build and maintain their personal brand, relevance and reputation. Everyone should understand and actively manage their personal brand. Understanding the dynamics of building and maintaining a strong, positive personal brand can build self-esteem in those who don't have it and grow personal brand recognition and relevance for those who do, to create a better positioning for themselves in personal and business life. Brand you - what and how we wish to be seen and positioned must be a creation of our own doing. It is built up over a lifetime and can take just a moment or two to lose. Your reputation is everything.Another critical aspect of a personal brand is relevance. Just like your reputation, your relevance requires active management. Everyone has a reputation whether you manage it or not. Some people are recognised but have no relevance, others have a reputation and are not relevant. So how do you remain relevant throughout your life and develop strong values and a respected reputation? And why should you care? Branded not Stranded explores these and other questions around personal branding and the intersection between reputation, recognition and relevance.About the AuthorGarry Browne, AM has extensive CEO and Chair experience across business, the not-for-profit, and education sectors. In January 2018 Garry was appointed Chairman of Stuart Alexander & Co, one of Australia's largest privately-owned companies. Prior to this Garry led the company for over 20 years as CEO and Managing Director.A highly respected business and industry leader, Garry has a proven record of introducing and building brands through traditional and non-traditional practices such as social media; expertise in transforming organisations; and significant experience in managing cultural change and leading innovative practices. A committed philanthropist and advocate of the For-Purpose sector, his services to the community were recognised in 2014 with a Member of the Order of Australia (AM).
  • 103. The Stem Guru Dr Bart Rademaker

    The Stem Cell guru. You might have seen on the news today a company in melbourne has been trialing stem cell therapy on corona patients. This dude already did it to himself! Crazy hey? Well he teaches other doctors stem cell therapy so why not do it to yourself. He's a mentor, life coach, motivator, surgeon and teacher. Unlike other doctors and scientists I have spoken to over the years Dr Bart Rademaker is down to earth, grateful and a pleasure to talk to. Thanks to JS for setting this one up.
  • 102. All Black - Rico Gear

    All Blacks legend Rico Gear talks about his life as a New Zealand All Black rugby star who played professional rugby for over 17 years. The Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist who pulled amazing rugby speccys like scoring three tries against Wales and pumping out a terrifying haka has some great stories like when he got signed to the All Blacks and what he thinks rugby will do moving forward in the age of Covid19. He also does a big shout out to his students at TSS on the Gold Coast where he now lives with his beautiful wife and two kids.
  • 101. Exorcist Accidentally

    Mark Gardener is an exorcist and it all happened by accident. He tells the story of how he became an exorcist, what exorcists do and how they do it. Mark talks about his exorcism on Mike and his work with an up coming TV series for Nexus magazine.
  • 100. Medicinal Cannabis Research Australia

    Jason JordanEpilepsy, Parkinsons, Cancer, MS, Dementia can be helped by legal medicinal cannabis in Australia. Jason Jordan is living proof, he was disabled from MS and now medicinal cannabis has changed his life for the better, legally. Do your own research, find out the truth. Show this to everyone and lets change people lives together. #onthemike #jasonjordan #epilepsy #cancer #medicalmarijuana #cannabis #dementia #parkinsons #ms #multiplesclerosisCategoryComedySHOW LESS
  • 99. Courtney Dober

    Courtney and I have been buddies for years so they agreed to catch up at the opening of the USA’s first weed cafe Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe in West Hollywood to film a little episode of On The Mike. Everyones favourite Batchelor boy from the USA and Australian series Courtney Dober has a new show called The Fixers where he travels the globe changing peoples lives for the better. Is he still in love, is he saving the planet and can he smoke a joint as good as Snoop Dogg? Listen and find out. Apologies for things getting really loose at the end of the show, for obvious reasons. Dont forget to go to for all episodes
  • 98. The Action Coach

    If you like "motivation porn" this is the guy for you. If it's reading one of his 17 bestsellers, watching his drive time instagram live show or watching him speak on stage Brad Sugars is one of the best business coaches in the world. We chat about living in Vegas, his company Action Coach, his wine cellar and the state of play in American politics right now. Brad and his wife Lauren were also caught in the crossfire at the Las Vegas Shooting, he also opens up about that in the latest episode of which is ALSO a podcast on iTunes.
  • 97. Storm Area 51, Nevada

    They Can’t Stop Us All!Alien-stock, Rachel Nevada. Millions of people all over the globe threatened to “Storm Area 51” on this weekend. Why did these people go? Who were they? What did they know? Have they made contact? I went there and asked them. I was pretty surprised what I found. The stories I was told by alien experts and believers were mind blowing. We actually went to the heavily secured gates of Area 51. Find out what has been happening there. Music by Dominik Hauser. Thanks to BSG Brisbane and Bianca Zouppas for coming along for the ride.