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Fertilizer and energy - how is it all connected?

Season 2, Ep. 10

What does food security and fertilizer have to do with energy? They both are in a massive markets change and with supply challenges globally, and especially in Europe with the war in Ukraine. Let's say we succeed with the journey towards a net-zero society, how does that look from a fertilizer perspective, and how does it interact with the energy industry on the way forward? Hear Alzbeta Klein in conversation with Valentina Kretzschmar form the ONS Conference. The conference is supported by Formue, Equinor, DNO, Baker Hughes, Deloitte, Lyse and Hitecvision.

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  • 5. The balancing act of energy supply and net zero goals

    In the latest episode of ONS Energy Talks, our guest Valentina Kretzschmar, Vice President of Consulting Climate Risk and Strategy at Wood Mackenzie, delved into the intricate challenge of balancing energy supply with net zero goals. This conversation highlighted key issues such as the misconceptions surrounding net zero targets, the shift from ESG to energy security, energy literacy, and the global disparities in addressing climate change.Host: Inger Johanne Stenberg, Communications Director, ONS
  • 4. The future of oil and gas

    With ONS 2024 just months away, anticipation is building around discussions on the future of the oil and gas industry.In the new episode of ONS Energy Talks, Dr. Amrita Sen, founder and Director of Research at Energy Aspects, share her look into the crystal ball.Host: Inger Johanne Stenberg, Communications Director, ONS
  • 3. How do we secure diversity in the energy industry?

    Why do we need diversity in the energy industry? What is diversity? Can diversity in teams be the key to the energy transformation and how can women in tech accelerate this?In this episode, our guest Åshild Hanne Larsen, VP Subsurface Excellence & Digital, Equinor, shares her perspectives and experiences as a leader in the energy industry and advocate for diversity.Host: Inger Johanne Stenberg, ONS Communication Director
  • 2. Who will lead us through the energy transition?

    Who will lead us through the energy transition, will we be able to make the most out of a diverse leadership, both in regards to age, gender, geographical locations and much more?  In the studio Jairo Alexander Lopez, one of the ONS Young Leaders this year and now working with well integrity for Three60Energy in Vår Energi. He is joined by Elisabeth Femsteinevik, new in the role as Managing Director for DNO Norway. Host: Inger Johanne Stenberg, ONS Communication Director.
  • 1. Recruiting to the energy industry - the young perspective

    Is there one thing we know is that the energy industry in some way or another always will need a lot of people. But which types of people and how do we make sure they are aware of and choose the energy industry? In this podcast we look a little into how young people choose careers, how they look at the oil and gas stigma we see in several parts of society, and what the education institutions and companies can to differently or better to attract.Host: Inger Johanne Stenberg, Communication Director, ONS
  • 12. The Geopolitical Implications on the Energy Transition

    🌍 Dive into the latest ONS Energy Talks podcast discussing Geopolitics & Cleaner Energy!   Here are a few eye-opening highlights: 🔍 Insights from Experts: Dr. Tatiana Mitrova & Eirik Wærness dissect geopolitics' impact on the energy sector.  🌐 From Russia to Shadow Markets: Learn about disruptions in energy trades and the pressing need for transparency.  🤝 Importance of Global Cooperation: Explore the pivotal role of collaboration in fostering a successful energy transition.  💡 Actionable Steps & Urgency: Discover the podcast's emphasis on practical measures, renewable energy, and overcoming global challenges.  Don't miss out on these insightful discussions shaping a sustainable energy future! Listen in and join the conversation. 🎧🌿   #CleanEnergy #Geopolitics #GlobalCooperation #ONS2024 #ONSEnergytalks 
  • 11. Communicating the energy transition

    We're in the middle of the biggest challenge of all times, but it is complicated and huge. How do energy communicators work to make sure the public understands what we are facing, and which solutions could help. In the studio: Annika Bremvåg- Head of Communications at NTNU Energy & Julius Wesche Researcher on Sustainability and Energy Transitions and Podcast Host.Both from Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. Host: Inger Johanne Stenberg, Communications Director, ONS.
  • 10. Batteries+Solar Power

    What do we do when the sun doesn't shine? Or when there is no wind? The building of battery value chains will be crucial to combine with intermittent power sources, for example solar power. Hear Mette Rye-Larsen from Otovo and Thore Sekkenes from Inno Energy and the European battery alliance reflect on the unique power combo.
  • 9. Is hydrogen safe? (RERUN)

    RERUN FROM JUNE 2022: The world demands more energy and hydrogen is turning out to be a significant part of the future energy mix. Hydrogen only emits water, which makes it an exciting source of energy. However, there are challenges related to hydrogen3 Highlights from the ONS Energy Talk with Frida Eklöf Monstad, Senior Advisor Low Carbon Solutions, EquinorIs hydrogen safe? Yes, if you manage the risk correctly.We cannot compete on safety. We need to collaborate and trust each other.To increase the demand for hydrogen, we need to build the markets and develop new value chains.Do not miss out on the first H2 Conference, Norway, Sep 7 in Stavanger.