One for the road.


Kelly Barfoot.

Season 5, Ep. 6

This week on One For The Road I am joined by Kelly Barfoot.

Kelly is the founder of Boxxfresh the online healthy, fresh, plant-based food box delivery business that started in her kitchen through a major passion for food and how it makes us feel. With a varied career in dance, music and then the health & fitness industry as a personal trainer she found her love was with food and helping as many as possible get back in the kitchen, cook real food for real life, and feel the benefits. Kelly is new to sobriety and at 4 months sober is feeling better than ever!

If you want to connect with me via Instagram, you can find me on the instahandle @Soberdave

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Provided below are links for services offering additional help and advice and contact links for Kelly and Boxxfresh.

Instagram @Boxxfresh

Facebook @Boxxfresh

Twitter @Boxxfresh_xx

Show producer- Daniella Attanasio-Martinez

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