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Ashley Travis: Housing for all includes housing for pets

Ep. 167

Ashley Travis, from the PEI Humane Society joins us to talk about the challenges in her province around housing vulnerable individuals whose families include pets. Current policy allows landlords to choose to not rent to individuals with pets, and this has resulted in more pets needing sheltering with the Humane society, and a traumatic separating of people from their pets. Ashley talks about what needs to happen to change this trend, and some of the pieces her organization is doing to support individuals going through this experience.

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  • Alex Sheremet: The brilliant life of Bruce Ario

    On this week’s pod, we talk with film maker Alex Sheremet about the documentary he made along with Joel Parrish, looking at the brilliant life of poet and novelist Bruce Parrish. We talk about Bruce’s experiences with homelessness, mental health and addiction, and how he pushed forward to share his art with the world, and why they decided to document his life and work after his passing.
  • Negar Shahryari: Homelessness in the Middle East and Africa

    This week on the pod we are joined by researcher Negar Shahryari to talk about what homelessness looks like in the Middle East and South Africa (MESA). She walks us through the research she and her colleagues published, and the challenges they faced in putting it together, as well as what her hopes are moving forward in the future.
  • Andrea Nemtin: A social innovation approach to our current housing crisis

     This week on the pod, I speak with CEO of Social Innovation Canada, on the role social innovation plays in solving the housing crisis. We talk about Social Innovation Canada’s beginnings, how they’ve pivoted in the last few years, some great examples of social innovation in housing, who some of their partners are, and finally on her hopes for the future. It’s one you won’t want to miss!
  • Paying It Forward With Kenn Bell

    This week on the pod, we are joined by lived expert Kenn Bell who shares his life and housing journey with us from childhood to the present. He talks about how a family health challenge pushed the family out of their home, the challenges they faced, and how he’s always found a way to give back now matter where he was in his cross country travels. Its an inspiring, hopeful and beautiful conversation, and one you won’t want to miss
  • Jeff Neven

    Indwell- 50 years of building and providing affordable housing that transforms lives” – “This week on the pod we are joined by Indwell CEO Jeff Neven to talk about the inspiring and incredible work Indwell continues to lead in the affordable housing space. We touch on the history of Indwell, what makes Indwell unique in the space, some of the projects they’ve done, the partnerships they’ve made, what they are working on now, and what has to happen in the future in order to create the affordable housing our country desperately needs
  • Suzanne Fazia

    Innovative ways to develop capital for the development of affordable housing” – “This week on the pod we speak with Suzanne Fazia, the Knowledge Lead at Tapestry Community Capital, on role of community bonds to help raise capital to build and acquire affordable housing. She shares some examples of Tapestry’s past work, what they are working on now, and breaks down how the purchase of community bonds truly can work to support non-profits and charities in raising the capital they need to move their mission forward.”
  • Sherry Larjani- Making housing happen

    A conversation with CEO of Spotlight Development, Sherry Larjani” – “This week on the pod we are joined by Sherry Larjani, the inspirational CEO of Spotlight Development. We talk about how in 2019 she developed “Reina”, a project with Canada's first all-female development team to raise awareness of gender inequality in the industry and the many roles women can play, how Spotlight came to be, and her hopes for the future of Spotlight and it’s role in developing affordable housing.”
  • Housing and Homelessness experts weigh in on the Federal Budget

    On a special podcast this week, we are joined by experts Tim Richter(CAEH), Courtney Lockhart (CHFC), Carolyn Whitzman, Nick Gefucia (EllisDon Community Builders) and Andrew McKenzie (ONPHA) to talk about the recent budget dropped by the Federal Government with the biggest investment in housing since the 2nd World War. We talk about what they got right, what might have been missed, what has to happen next, and much, much more
  • Eric Tworo: The role appraisers play in the valuation of affordable housing

    We might not often think of Appraisers as an important part of keeping housing affordable, but they absolutely play a large part. Eric Tworo, President of the Ontario Association of the Appraisal Institute of Canada joins us on the pod to talk about the role appraisers play in housing, how they help to keep it affordable, what skills are involved and how there are unique pieces to appraising affordable housing, and lastly how the non-profit sector is a growth area for the profession moving forward.