On The Rag


On the Rag: Victories in the courts and dramas over shorts

The On the Rag team assemble to dissect the previous month in news, media and feminism. 

It's somehow the end of February so we're here to look back at the month in Women's Stuff. Uniform shorts are sending young women into counselling sessions at a a local high school, but why? How the hell did anyone think Hannah Tamaki was going to make it onto Dancing With the Stars NZ without a fuss? And how crucial is the Weinstein verdict to the #MeToo movement?

Beyond that, we have some news about the future of the podcast (it's not soooo bad), share our cool tips of the month and work through the horror of getting the ECP at the chemist. It's also Mercury Retrograde, so don't blame us for the chaotic energy, swear words and fumbled sentences that go nowhere. You have been warned.


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