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On The Mend

Dougie Poynter

Season 1, Ep. 1

For the first episode of On The Mend, Matt Willis welcomes his friend and fellow musician, Dougie Poynter, to the studio. 

In this candid chat, the McFly bassist opens up about his drug addiction and his recovery, sharing raw and honest stories, which he has never done publicly before. He talks about his time in rehab, his lowest and darkest times when coming off drugs, and how he tries to live his life now.

Matt and Dougie share the story of how they met, how they've helped each other through hard times and discuss their individual routines for recovery. They are both very into gut health and talk about how changing their diets has made them feel so much better physically and mentally.

Dougie's career and stardom has been a rollercoaster ride, with huge rises and huge falls, and we learn a lot about the man who has, up until now, been quite shy and quiet about this side of his life. It is, above all, a life-affirming conversation between two friends, who after many years of dark times are thriving and healthy and happy.

*Please be advised that some listeners may find some of the topics discussed disturbing.





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  • 9. Lauren Mahon

    Matt Willis is joined by podcaster, charity founder and cancer activist, Lauren Mahon (and her dog, Ray). Lozza, as she likes to be called, talks to Matt about breaking the taboos around cancer, talking more openly about illnesses and death and how friends and family can really help in dark times. They discuss her own breast cancer diagnosis, which she got aged 31, her activism, her overactive brain and why sometimes you just need to go to the cinema. Lozza's podcast 'You Me And The Big C' can be found here, although she doesn't host it anymore, for reasons she discusses on the podcast. It's a very open, honest and inspirational chat, and we hope that you will find it as powerful a listen, as we did recording it. (and apologies for the swears!)If you have been effected by anything you've heard in today's episode, there are some links below for help and advice: Macmillan Cancer SupportGood Grief TrustNHS
  • 8. Dr Rangan Chatterjee

    On our latest episode, Matt Willis visits Dr Rangan Chatterjee at his home for an in-depth chat about mental health and wellbeing. Rangan has practiced medicine for over 20 years and believes that good health is accessible to all of us. His goal is to change the way we look at illness and shares his learnings and expertise on his own podcast - 'Feel Better, Live More' - which Matt was a guest on previously. They discuss the feeling of shame, how powerful and negative it is, and what can be done to help people disassociate with that emotion. Dr Chatterjee also shares some simple tips for better mental health, as well as talking about the 'Four Pillars' that he lives by. Rangan's books are bestsellers, and his passion for making people feel better is so evident in the way he writes and speaks. In this episode, we cover addiction, mental health and mindfulness, and hope there are some good takeaways. If you are effected by any of the topics discussed today, here are some links which may be helpful: The SamaritansAAThe NHSMind
  • 7. Tyrone Brennand

    This week, Matt welcomes author, entrepreneur motivational speaker and personal trainer Tyrone Brennand to the studio. Tyrone is the founder of Be The Fittest, a personal training company in London, and has looked to exercise and yoga his whole life, to help him through hard times. He talks to Matt about some of the darkest times in his life, growing up without a father figure, his passion for yoga and what he does week in, week out to stay healthy in mind and body. They also discuss his book and his tips for people wanting to try yoga for the first time. If you have been effected by anything you have heard in this episode, there are some links to help and guidance below:SamaritansThe Mind Charity (Mindfulness techniques)Alcoholics Anonymous
  • 6. Raphael Rowe

    On this week's episode of On The Mend, Matt is joined by the journalist, presenter, author and podcaster Raphael Rowe. Raphael was wrongly convicted of a crime in the late 1980s, and spent 12 years in prison. During that time, he never gave up trying to prove his innocence and never gave up hope, even in the darkest of times. Since being acquitted and released, Raphael has gone on to work for the BBC as a reporter on Radio 4 and regularly appears on The One Show. He hosts 'Inside The World's Toughest Prisons' on Netflix and his own podcast, 'Second Chance'. He talks to Matt about his time in prison (and in solitary confinement), how exercise and yoga helped him get through the days and how he eventually got the authorities to listen to his appeal. His memoir 'Notorious' talks about some of his darkest times and questions the justice system in the UK, which he also touches on in this episode. They also discuss hope and the power of having the mental strength to get through hard times. You can hear more from Raphael on his own podcast, Second ChanceAnd you can read more about the Raphael Rowe Foundation, hereIf you have been affected by anything you have heard in this episode, there are some links to organisations who might be able to help you below. SamaritansTalking TherapiesDrug Addicts Anonymous
  • 5. Rylan Clark

    This week's guest is the TV and Radio presenter, Rylan Clark. He joins Matt in the studio to talk about the brilliant highs and crushing lows he's experienced in his life recently. After exploding on to our TV screens in 2012, as a contestant on the X-Factor, Rylan has become one of the most recognisable personalities in the UK. Known for his high energy, laughter and fabulous teeth - he is hard to miss, whether on the TV, Radio or just walking down the street. But a couple of years ago, Rylan went through a very difficult divorce, which left him feeling the lowest he had ever been. He didn't want to leave the house, or get out of bed, and he became very ill and turned to drink. In this episode, he opens up to Matt about the highs and lows of fame, loneliness, going through that incredibly difficult time and how he has come through the other side. Below are some helpful links for help and advice, if you have been affected by anything you have heard in this episode. The SamaritansWeb Of LonelinessAlcohol Support on the NHS website
  • 4. Liz Karter

    In this episode Matt welcomes gambling addiction expert, Liz Karter, to the studio. Liz's area of specialisation is gambling addiction. This includes all of its causes and consequences which she has found to be stress, depression, anxiety, relationship problems and sometimes trauma. Liz has built an excellent reputation for helping women successfully overcome gambling addiction. She also works very successfully with men, too, and helps people overcome addictions to alcohol, drugs, digital devices and love relationships, including the complexities of online dating. She established her private practice, Level Ground, in 2010 and over the years has helped hundreds of people to live happier, healthier lives. In this episode, Matt and Liz discuss the all-consuming power of gambling, how technology has made it easier than ever to gamble (and hide it) and the steps someone should take if they're wanting to quit. Here are some links discussed in our episode - and others you may find useful: Liz's WebsiteLiz's Book - Four Weeks To FreedomNHS - gambling addiction help pageDebt AdviceNational Gambling Treatment Service
  • 3. DJ Fat Tony

    This week, Matt welcomes the DJ and author Fat Tony to the studio. Tony has had an incredible career, spanning nearly four decades, he has had his say in paving the way for the UK’s current music scene.He held a weekly show in New York, at The Palladium for Streve Rubell – during the height of Paradise Garage – AND is a regular atMinistry of Sound and Glitterbox. As official DJ to the Beckhams and Versace – he is also one of the fashion scene’s go to performers.Now 16 years sober, Tony discovered drugs when he was 18, and would convince himself that he couldn’t DJ unless he was high. He would sometimes go four or five nights straight without sleeping. He became so psychotic from his cocaine addiction that he believed creatures lived inside his gums. He also lost his teeth and became homeless.In this episode we look back at Tony’s extraordinary life and career, how he faced his demons and what recovery means to him. **Please be advised that this episode contains strong language and some content which listeners may find disturbing. If you are affected by anything you hear in the episode - there are links below to some organisations which may be able to help you.NHS Drug Addition HelplineTalk To FrankAlcoholic AnonymousSamaritans
  • 2. Bryony Gordon

    This week, Matt is joined by journalist, columnist, writer and mental health ambassador, Bryony Gordon. Bryony is full of life and joy and brings such positive energy with her wherever she goes - including this podcast! But her life has not been without dark moments and in this episode she opens up about her alcohol addiction and how she got sober and came through the other side. Bryony is the founder of Mental Health Mates - a peer support group for those who are struggling with their mental health and need to talk and walk. She talks to Matt about how this came about and how it has grown into something she could never have imagined. They also discuss parenthood, friendships and the joys of Body Camp - which both Matt and Bryony have experienced and found invigorating. We cover a lot of serious topics in this episode - and reference some organisations who offer help and advice. You can find links to those below - as well as some other websites you might find useful, if you have been effected by any of the things you have heard in this episode. USEFUL LINKS Mental Health MatesShoutIAPTSamaritans