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Ep. 22

Have you ever thought about having a complete change in lifestyle, trading in the busy city hustle for more traditional way of life on a farm? The Radwans did exactly that, and opened the UK's first holistic halal farm.

This week Jimmy is joined by Ruby and Lutfi Radwan, founders of Willowbrook Farm.They discuss their transition into farm life, building their home from materials from the land, their approach to farming, the challenges, and explain what halal really represents.

You can find out more about Willowbrook Farm here.

On Jimmy’s Farm: A Podcast by History Hit.

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  • 24. Growing your Own Drugs with James Wong

    Did you know around 50% of all medicinal drugs are derived from plants?James Wong is a gardener, ethnobotanist, broadcaster and proud owner of 500 houseplants. He's On Jimmy's Farm for a chat about all things green.Hear all about terrariums, houseplants… and why supermarket veggies get more nutritious even after they’ve been harvested. James also opens up about his journey into botany.You can follow James here.You can find out more about Jimmy’s upcoming book for the 20th anniversary of the farm here.On Jimmy’ Farm: A Podcast by History Hit.
  • 23. Allotments with Emma Bailey

    To cope with the grief after losing her nan to cancer in 2017, Emma Bailey did something she’d never considered before. She started gardening.As a city-dweller with limited gardening experience, Emma was surprised at how growing her own fruit and vegetables made her feel.Emma started sharing some of her allotment fails and successes online, and quickly attracted a loyal following.She chats to Jimmy about gardening tips, tricks and techniques, flamboyant sheds, and her on-going battle with slugs and snails!You can follow Emma here.On Jimmy’s Farm: A Podcast By History Hit.
  • 21. Moving to the Country with Danny Wallace

    Many of us have reevaluated the importance of green spaces after pandemic lockdowns.Author and and broadcaster Danny Wallace moved from London to rural Suffolk, just ten minutes up the road from Jimmy, in early 2020.Danny tells Jimmy about how he adapted to country life, the benefits and the set-backs...and the unexpected.Crabbing, village neighbours, bespectacled dogs, and discussions of the importance of open spaces and clean air - should we all up sticks and move to the country?You can find out more about Danny's book here.On Jimmy's Farm: A Podcast by History Hit.
  • 20. Farming with Tom Pemberton

    What happens when a traditional family farm gets passed down to a born YouTuber? Tom Pemberton. For six generations, the Pemberton family have farmed at Birks Farm in the picturesque town of Lytham, Lancashire. In 2016 Tom (the farmer’s son) uploaded his first video to Youtube about a raw milk dispenser. To his surprise, thousands watched. Now Tom shares warts and all farming stories with fans around the world.  This week Jimmy and Tom shoot the breeze about farming, and the unfair or outdated criticism the industry often receives. They discuss how helping people understand how their food is made is as important for farmers today as the farming itself.You can subscribe to Tom’s channel here.On Jimmy's Farm: A Podcast By History Hit.
  • 19. History of the Countryside with Matthew Kelly

    The English Countryside. An ever changing environment, or a static, preserved landscape in the service of humanity since the dawn of agriculture?On the latest episode we’ll find out about the historical challenges of conserving and preserving the natural environment.This week Jimmy is joined by Matthew Kelly, who in his new book ‘The Women Who Saved the English Countryside' he traces the history of landscape preservation through the lives of four remarkable women in the past 150 years; Beatrix Potter, Octavia Hill, Pauline Dower, and Sylvia Sayer.Jimmy and Matthew also touch on current challenges including access to rural places to all, the continuity of land use by all public, and the challenges of the new generation of activists from BLM, to Right to Roam activists who draw inspiration from the Kinder Scout trespass of 1930s.On Jimmy's Farm: A Podcast By History Hit.
  • 18. Nature's Lessons in Happiness with Charlie Corbett

    How can nature help us deal with grief? In today's day and age, it can feel like we're detached from the natural world around us - but how do we find the way, and time, to reconnect with it?This week Jimmy is joined by Charlie Corbett to talk about his book '12 Birds to Save Your Life'. After the unexpected loss of his mother, Charlie realised he'd become a stranger to the natural world surrounding him.Looking outwards from his own grief, Charlie found solace in an unexpected place - birds.Charlie and Jimmy talk about the importance of interacting with nature for your mental health, the excitement of learning about newfound hobbies, and most importantly - what their favourite bird is. You can find out more about Charlie's book here.On Jimmy's Farm: A Podcast By History Hit.
  • 17. Climate Optimism with Lily Cole

    Environmental activist and model Lily Cole is On Jimmy’s Farm to discuss how we can protect the planet we love, and the healing power of nature.Lily started her career as an international model when she was a teenager, but she found herself on a slightly different journey into climate change activism after finding the confidence to refuse to wear fur on the catwalk.Hear about some of the eco-activists and pioneers she’s spoken to along the way, and why she thinks despite all the gloomy statistics, there is reason to be optimistic.It’s Mental Health Awareness week, and Lily also shares some of her personal anecdotes about how she’s incorporated nature into her life for her physical and mental wellbeing.You can find out more about Lily’s book, Who Cares Wins here, and listen to her podcast here.On Jimmy’s Farm: A Podcast by History Hit.Photo credit: Justine Stoddart
  • 16. Gardening for Mental Health with Sue Stuart-Smith

    It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this month, and Jimmy will be joined by a selection of guests who will tell us how nature can have an impact our bodies and our minds.First up, it’s gardener and psychiatrist Sue Stuart-Smith, author of the bestselling book, The Well Gardened Mind. Gardening has been shown to not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical wellbeing, reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. Sue talks about her research on gardening’s healing effects, and shares some of her case studies with prison inmates, soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder engaged in horticultural programs, and patients who are grieving and have depression.You can find out more about Sue’s book here, and her Serge Hill garden project here.On Jimmy’s Farm: A podcast by History Hit.