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A Slice of the Beauty Pie

Season 2, Ep. 1

Marcia Kilgore is a serial entrepreneur, having successful launched companies such as Bliss Spa, Soap & Glory and FitFlop. Her most recent company is Beauty Pie, which she describes as her 'best idea yet'.

In this episode Rory Sutherland chats to her about the idea behind the brand, the benefits of operating a membership model, how they reach new customers and the biggest challenges facing Beauty Pie and the beauty retail industry at large.

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  • 12. Putting the partnerships into John Lewis - Charlotte Lock

    Charlotte Lock has had an illustrious career embracing the BBC, Tesco, Co-op, Asda, McCann and now the John Lewis Partnership where her experience in behavioural economics and partnerships is helping to develop the group’s offering. In this episode she joins Rory to discuss data driven customer insight and brand experience, along with segmentation in a variety of areas. Plus, Charlotte talks us through this year's John Lewis Christmas ad, their first created by Saatchi & Saatchi.  And in the Top Two Challenges, Charlotte reveals what she believes is the biggest challenge facing John Lewis and the most pressing issue for the retail sector as a whole. If you want to do business with the UK's leading brands. Request an ALF Insight demo. To nominate your business development heroes and attend the ALF Awards 2024, click here.
  • 11. The buzz around Pension Bee with Jasper Martens

    In this episode, Rory meets Jasper Martens, the Chief Marketing Officer at Pension Bee.Pension Bee launched in 2015 after CEO and Co-Founder, Romi Savova, who had previously worked at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, had difficulties transferring her own pension. Jasper reveals that many of their over 1 million new customers didn’t realise the tax benefits and contributions that come from having the right pension arrangements and why Pension Bee is now on a mission to make the process easier to understand and keep track of.With brand awareness in the UK now over 50%, Jasper explains the biggest marketing challenge for Pension Bee and why they've sponsored a Premier League football team.In the Top Two Challenges, Jasper talks about the future challenges for Pension Bee and the pension industry as a whole.Quite apart from the marketing insights revealed, this conversation will give you food for thought about your own pension arrangements.If you want to do business with the UK’s leading brands, request an ALF Insight demo.
  • 10. Turning online dreams into reality with Pinterest

    Rory is joined by Milka Privodanova, VP Head of EMEA of Pinterest to talk about the online platform which they describe as 'personal media' rather than social.Milka outlines how the user experience of Pinterest is a positive and natural environment for advertisers and how almost everything you see on Pinterest is available to buy. Food, beauty, fashion and home décor are all hugely popular but the company is also experiencing success in the areas of travel, financial services and entertainment.In the Top Two Challenges, Milka shares what she believes is the biggest challenge for Pinterest and also the most pressing issue for the online media sector as a whole.If you want to do business with the UK’s leading brands, request an ALF Insight demo.
  • 9. Leading the Charge. Rory meets Nic Thomas from Nissan.

    As we head towards one million electric cars on Britain’s roads, Marketing Director Nic Thomas discusses Nissan’s drive towards a totally electric range in 2030. Nic addresses the ‘charging’ challenge faced by the whole EV industry and why he’s calling for destination charging to be legislated. Nic also discusses some of the exciting engineering and design benefits of Nissan EVs - imagine your office on wheels! - but also why timing is proving to be the main marketing challenge for Nissan. Plus, Nic and Rory talk about the cost of car batteries, ‘range anxiety’ and single pedal driving - who knew?If you want to do business with the UK’s leading brands, request an ALF Insight demo.
  • 8. Rory talks "wonky" vegetables with Oddbox's Emilie Vanpoperinghe

    Rory chats to Emilie Vanpoperinghe, CEO and Co-Founder of Oddbox, the subscription box company that saves imperfect and surplus fruit and vegetables from going to waste. Emilie explains how the idea for the business came about, why pricing 'wonky' vegetables can be challenging and the company's plans for the future.In the Top Two Challenges, Emilie shares her thoughts on what is the biggest challenge for Oddbox and the most pressing challenge for the grocery industry as a whole.Code ALF will give new Oddbox customers 50% off their first box. Offer excludes the fruit booster box. Valid until 31st August, 2023.If you want to do business with the UK’s leading brands, request an ALF Insight demo.
  • 7. Getting Paid - Rory finds out how GoCardless is helping companies get paid more easily

    Nicola Hamilton, Senior Director of Branding & Communications at GoCardless, outlines how businesses can get paid more easily and conveniently by using their service. She outlines that the challenge for GoCardless is the inertia of companies not realising how much money and time they can save by moving away from outdated, manual methods to automated, online payments. As someone who's worked in the industry for over 15 years Nicola counsels that fintech companies now need to focus on profitability more than growth.If you want to do business with the UK’s leading brands, request an ALF Insight demo.
  • 6. Pasta Evangelist Finn Lagun tucks into the challenges of going from letterbox pasta to retail

    In 2018, Finn Lagun went on Dragon's Den but failed to convince Peter Jones & Co to invest in his home delivery pasta business. Now the business has a multi-million pound turnover and is majority owned by the pasta giant Barilla. Rory quizzes Finn about moving from 'pasta through your letter box' to a business which has now expanded into retails outlets and offers fully prepared takeaway delivery.Plus in our 'Top Two Challenges' feature, Finn shares his thoughts on the biggest challenges facing Pasta Evangelists and also the direct-to-consumer food industry in general.If you want to do business with the UK’s leading brands, request an ALF Insight demo.
  • 5. Harnessing the TikTok Boom

    Rory Sutherland is joined by Khartoon Weiss, Global Head of Agency & Accounts at TikTok.Since launching in 2016, TikTok has seen a meteoric rise to success, currently boasting 1.2 billion monthly users across the globe. Rory and Khartoon discuss the unique elements of the platform that make it so appealing and examine how brands can harness the existing creativity and community to engage users and achieve the ultimate goal of marketing - changing behaviour. Plus in our 'Top Two Challenges' feature, Khartoon shares her thoughts on the biggest hurdles facing both TikTok and social media in general.If you want to do business with the UK’s leading brands, request an ALF Insight demo.
  • 4. The Challenger Brand Cleaning Up Home Care

    Rory meets Tim Keaveney, Co-Founder of Homethings, a challenger brand offering sustainable household cleaning products delivered direct to your door. As a winner of Sky’s Zero Footprint Fund, Tim reveals their plans for their first TV campaign and discusses how perceptions are changing about the efficacy of ‘green’ products.Plus, in the Top Two challenges, Tim shares the biggest issues facing both Homethings and the home care sector in general. If you want to do business with the UK’s leading brands, request an ALF Insight demo.