On Air with Heritage Action

 On Air with Heritage Action is a podcast where we break down—in 5 minutes or less—how you can get involved today in the fight for conservative values. Hosted by Lindsey Curnutte, each episode explores the issues that you need to know about and how to fight back. 

Heritage Action is a national grassroots organization with two million grassroots activists nationwide. Heritage Action advances the policies of our partner organization, The Heritage Foundation, and works to make them a reality.

Lindsey Curnutte

Lindsey Curnutte is the Press Secretary for Heritage Action.  Prior to serving as Press Secretary, Lindsey worked as the communications director for a conservative member of Congress. She has been published in The Weekly Standard, Washington Examiner, and The Heartland Institute's Budget and Tax News and has appeared on Real America's Voice and various national and regional radio programs. She graduated from Ohio University with degrees in journalism and political science.