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OKP # 25 - Pat McGale Pt1 - Okinawa Kenpo

Season 1, Ep. 25

Pat McGale started training at the age of five with Master Odo Seikichi of Okinawa Kenpo. By age seven he had already cut himself badly with kama, by age 13 he was competing in the black belt division in karate and kobudo tournaments and bringing home hardware.

Five decades later he is still training and teaching Okinawa Karate.

In Episode 1 with Pat Sensei we learn about his time in Okinawa Kenpo from age 5 to 23.

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  • That Lying Mind's Eye

    We all have a mind’s eye. It’s the eye that our mind uses to create an image how we are doing something or more specifically, what we look like when we are doing something. Think about those times when sensei says “Do it like this” and you respond “I am doing it like that.” That’s because your mind’s eye has you convinced that is how you are doing it and gosh dang it, you look damn good doing it. Sadly your mind’s eye is probably lying to you. 
  • The Pot Stirring Friend

    We all have that one friend that always has the good ideas for creating some fun, that might be a bit on the edge and could come across as not appropriate or down right controversial. That friend that seems to always have a great idea that somehow ends you in the hot seat while they sit by looking like the perfect angel. You know who you are. Well I am not falling for it, buddy. You can discuss those topics on your own podcast. Or, if you're not scared, we can do a collaboration where we discuss some of these touchy subjects together. This time you're throwing the toilet paper too.
  • Is That Your Sensei?

    We all know and can define a Sensei and Student relationship. One is teaching and the other is learning. Typically our sensei is the one we learn from and also from whom we receive rank or promotions. What if you learn from someone, not once or twice, but very often, however you do not receive rank or any recognition of a rank, title, or anything else? Is that person your sensei, just 'a' sensei, a training partner, or some person you bounce around with while wearing white pajamas?
  • Irei No Hi

    June 23 is known as Irei no Hi here on Okinawa. Irei no Hi is the Okinawa Memorial Day and, just like Memorial Day observed in many other countries, is held to honor those that perished during war. I cannot imagine a karate-ka around the world that does not know at least something about World War II. But I think many do not understand the significance World War II, and specifically the Battle of Okinawa (aka The Typhoon of Steel), had on the spread of Okinawa Karate around the world. As always, thank you for listening to the Okinawa Karate Podcast.
  • Training Should Be Fun

    Training in martial arts should be fun. If it’s not fun, something needs to change, and that might be you. 
  • 10 Minutes with the Right Sensei

    There's a meme that bounces around the social media platforms that reads "10 minutes with the right sensei is worth more than 10 years with the wrong sensei." Here I discuss my thoughts on that meme and my 10 minute conversation with the right sensei. Or was it just the right 10 minute conversation?
  • Invisible Sensei's Okinawa 2023 Recap w/James Pankiewicz

    In November 2023 my very good friend and budo brother, Tuari Dawson, visited Okinawa. Tuari is the host of The Invisible Sensei and A Life Indigenous Podcasts, two podcasts I encourage you to subscribe, listen and support. Shortly after Tuari returned to New Zealand I gathered him and James Pankiewicz to record this recap and to discuss some very exciting events coming up in New Zealand in October 2024. Watch and listen for all of the details. Find all of Tuari's information here: Interested in the Kizuna New Zealand Seminar? Go here: Dojo:
  • 41. Why Do I Like Karate

    Why do you like karate? That's a question nearly every karate practitioner has been asked multiple times. I have been asked that question multiple times and I have given multiple answers. Well on one such occasion I gave an answer that was terrible and it's haunted me for four years. So I'd like to take the time to give a better answer than I did those four years ago in room full of well known and well respected karate masters. I really appreciate hearing from the Okinawa Karate Podcast listeners as well. I try to provide you some value in this podcast and please know that I greatly value the feedback I get from you. So why do you like karate? If you care to share your response with me I'd be more than happy to read it. Send to: josh@okinawakaratepodcast.comAs always, thank you for listing to the Okinawa Karate Podcast!Josh Simmers
  • 40. On Being a White Belt Again

    I am a white belt again and dang it feels good. In April 2022 I joined a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu dojo here on Okinawa so I thought I would begin sharing some of these experiences with the OKP Family. Please let me know your own experiences branching out of karate and trying a new discipline. Or maybe you are coming to karate from another discipline. I'd really like to hear from you regarding your experiences. As always, thank you for supporting the Okinawa Karate Podcast. Josh Simmers