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Oh! Brother

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Season 2, Ep. 6

Recorded in person before his Snowflake/Tornado show in Salford earlier this year, Steve and Paul speak to legendary comedian, Fall fan and prolific forewordist, Stewart Lee. Topics include a gig at The Elephant Fayre, the art of making oneself a character and the surprising effectiveness of disinformation in Fall books.

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  • 5. KID CONGO POWERS - Anything to Say

    This week on Oh! Brother, the legendary Kid Congo Powers graces us with stories of The Cramps, The Bad Seeds, The Fall, The Gun Club and a few others. They also discuss the mystery of the "Hit The North" music video and some of Kid's memories of and relationship with Jeffrey Lee Pierce.
  • TIM PRESLEY - Northern Soul

    On this week's episode of Oh! Brother, Paul and Steve welcome Tim Presley, song writer, painter and all round good Dude. They discuss beards, Manchester manners, Tim's many musical projects and how the more things change, the more they stay the same.
  • 3. JOHN COOPER CLARKE - Truth Lies Within

    Episode 3 of Series 4 sees Paul welcome the inimitable John Cooper Clarke to Oh! Brother. Unfortunately Steve couldn't make it this week, but he will be back with us in 2 weeks time. Paul and John talk their way through stories from John's career, his interactions with The Fall, his love of Elvis and even find time for a bit of a sing song. We're really grateful for John giving us his time, and we hope you enjoy!
  • 2. PHIL JONES - He Was The Manager

    Phil Jones joins the guys this week. Amongst others, the guys discuss The Beautiful South, John Cooper Clarke, The Stone Roses, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, The Knives, Joy Division, New Order, REM and they even find time to discuss The Fall. Hope you enjoy!
  • 1. PAT NEVIN - Kicker Conspiracy

    The guys are back for Series 4 of Oh! Brother. To kick off the new series, we welcome Pat Nevin, former Scottish footballer, turned journalist, broadcaster, author and DJ. The guys discuss Pat's career, attempts to broaden footballers' musical tastes, John Peel, Norman Whiteside and a whole bunch more. Enjoy!
  • 9. KEVIN CUMMINS - Telling Stories - Live from Walthamstow

    Recorded in front of a live audience at Walthamstow Trades Hall, Paul and Steve are joined by legendary photographer Kevin Cummins. Having worked with The Fall and Mark E. Smith on many occasions, as well as Joy Division, The Smiths and Manchester City (the club, not a band), the guys discuss fax machines, vague directions and the glamourous world of T.J. Davidson's.
  • 8. TIM BURGESS - Dressed All In White Like...

    The inimitable Tim Burgess joins Steve and Paul for a chat about all things Fall, all things Album Party and all things else. Thanks to Tim for taking time out of his busy schedule to join us today, hope you enjoy!
  • JOHN ROBB - The North Will Rise Again

    Happy New Year and welcome back to Oh! Brother. Our first episode of 2023 sees us welcome John Robb onto the show. Amongst the topics discussed, a guide on how to make your own bass, how to lose your own bass, and nostalgia has tainted the sacking of Rome. Enjoy!