Off The Strength


The secret to hack'ing wellness starts with care. Featuring: Pamela Gold and Sage Rader.

Season 1, Ep. 101

The guys find out somethings in the water on this weeks episode of OFF The Strength as they sit down with author / entrepreneur / ray of sunshine Pamela Gold and breathe-ertainment rockstar / creative force of nature Sage Rader of Hack’d Fitness and discuss supercharging your drinking water for clarity, care being a critical element in wellness, how the Hack’d Fitness pillars and philosophy inform the atmosphere they provide, breath work as a nootropic, gaining appreciation for life from brushes with death, the power gained in embracing a softened position, hyper efficient workouts, breath-church, overcoming negative self talk, releasing trauma through breathing, and why it’s important to question the reality that you know.

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